Madlyn POV.

"Wakey wakey princess" I heard daddy says, I whined and turned to the other side, but he kept trying to wake me up, shaking my body, taking my blankie off.

"I busy" I tell him trying to get my blankie back up so I can get back to my work.

"Busy doing what?" daddy asks with a raised brow at me.

"Busy sleeping," I tell him it was just obvious.

"You're done sleeping little girl, we got a long day today," he says picking me off the bed and taking me toward the bathroom. He made me go before he brushed my teeth with a sweet-tasting toothpaste, but you can't eat it, papa would yell at you.

He went on telling me all about the daycare they are sending me to soon, I gasped at that. I was never separated from them for more than a few hours and I always got tons of hugs and kisses to make it up to me. He also said I have a doctor's check, which made me pout, even more, I no like the doctor.

"Oh honey, you'll make so many, friends! Everyone is gonna love you" he says kissing my cheeks
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