Madlyn POV.

I woke up, groggy, where am I? I tried to get up but felt sick, looking around realizing I'm not where I was from the last time I remember. That's when it hits me I was caught. I tell myself I have to escape so they don't turn me into a baby, I try to move but my stomach ache was having the best of me, becoming a baby is the worse thing that could happen to you, mom and dad always said so.

 I groaned and hoped I would not puke as I curled into a ball and kept an eye to see if anyone would come over. I know I can't fight them like this, I tell myself I will just save my energy and wait for the right moment to escape.

"The new baby is awake" someone yells in the back of the room, I saw someone walking toward my bed, it wasn't a normal bed, it had bars around it, I was sleeping in a stupid crib! I didn't even have a crib back when I was a real baby living with my parents.

"Good morning little thing," a woman says picking me up from the stupid crib, she was manhandling my fragile body, I vomited all over her right away. When I was done vomiting I groaned and mumbled sorry even though it was her fault for manhandled me like that.

"Shit! Olivia come take this stinky thing to the doctor's office" the woman says now handling me with disgust handing me to another person who also held me with disgust.

"Please stop... no help.... makes me feel worse" I mumbled hoping they would listen or I may vomit again.

"Can you walk?" The woman asks in the same firm voice, all she wants is to get me out of her arms.

"I'm not sure..." I mumble, sometimes my stomach ache wouldn't allow me to even walk.

The woman doesn't care, she simply set me on my feet dragging me with her toward somewhere else, it had a white bed, some kind of tables with things on them and a man wearing a white jacket looking at me with the same disgusted look.

"Where am I? What's going on?" I asked looking around feeling nervous about what they will do, the story I heard back home made my heart skip few beats.

"We got a new one, she already vomited," the woman tells the other guy, they are much larger than me in size, I'm just the size of a toddler next to them. The guy came toward me, again with the manhandling placing me over the bed he had on.

"That not helping" I groaned leaning my head against the bed rest, the guy and woman talked along with themselves before turning to me, he added some pressure to my stomach making me scream with pain. the guy said something else to her before moving me to another instrument laying me down on it. he finally finished his torture and turned to me to ask me some questions.

"How old are you?" the guy asks.

"Uhh fifteen sir" I said wondering why I have to go through the torture, I already said my stomach hurt and he added to it. How rude.

"One Olivia" the guy tells the woman whose name turns out to be Olivia, what's wrong with this guy."change her and add some worm med to her bottles," the guy says ending my torture and leaving me in Olivia's hands.

 "What bottle? What's worm med?" I asked being curious I looked at them confused, I didn't know or understand a thing they said.

"Nothing to bother your little head with," Olivia says before moving to me, she start to take my clothes off, they are just some rotten rags but they are mine.

 I reached for the rags while laying still too afraid of what she'd do if I don't, I know they are old and rotten but they remind me of what I have gone through. The good, bad, and all above. Olivia wasn't being gentle with me, she took everything off, even my underwear, instead she added something white and thick around my waist before adding a new pair of clothes, it covered both my legs, hands, and everywhere. For the first time in a very long time, I felt warm, for a second I thought maybe being taken by them isn't that bad.

Once she was done, she held me this time again moving me toward the room I woke up in again, she placed me in the same bed with bars around it, the crib felt more like a jail right now.

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worst book I read

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