My Alien daddies.
My Alien daddies.
Author: Cendrillon1996


Third-person POV.

Earth has changed, we ruined it, we ruined our planet, we ruined our atmosphere, our lives, earth is simply a living hell...

So they came, they said it's time over for human rain, we ruined our toy, and now our parents are back to take us home. That's exactly what happened, they came, aliens came, they took all of us in their giant spaceship out back to the mother planet.

We thought we are so smart, that we'll get another chance to ruin their planet, except they were much larger than us, much smarter. Their planet, it wasn't meant for us, it was meant for them, for us to be able to adapt and live with them, they had us regress to little kids again, we needed their attention and care.

Grown-ups, full adults, once they make it back to mother planet, they regress back to baby ages, their body would shrink, they still might look like teenagers or pre-teen, but their mind would be same as a baby.

Compared to our caregivers, we are the size of little toddlers, like it or not, you are treated like a baby literally, but only in short thirty years, you'd be an adult. Yes, humans would grow up, they'll be adults like the aliens we belong to now, we need care, love, discipline until we make it.

It's not that bad, for most people, they didn't mind of care, they went through the whole growing up again, they all got adopted, they grew up, got their own kids. The cycle beginning was a bit hard, some humans died, the resistance, that was a really bad idea.

Living on mother planet, the human body couldn't adapt, the food killed us, the heavy water made people fall asleep and never wake up. Others had a hard time breathing, instead of having someone to take care of them, help them breathe, they died suffocating.

Only few humans survived, they refused to give in, they had this dream of going back to earth and saving the planet they ruined, there's nothing left there but the stories going through the generation, it made us forget how bad it became.

A nuclear bomb has gone on, but it's a lie, that was what the elders always told me, they also said that earth was still standing. But how much do you believe stories of people who haven't seen earth in years?

What's left now on mother planet was the aliens, they are called Zohalian, they are the ones in charge, some are re-formed humans others are pureblood but there's no way to know the difference.

Life here is very similar to the earth ones, families, homes, school, work, and colleges. But there's also the remaining of the resistance, that's where Madelyn came in, she's the daughter of the remaining of the resistance leaders, born on the mother planet, her body suffers from pain, she can't eat this planet food, it's too hard for her digestive system.

Her mental state, all she wants is to regress, but if she does, her parents would have her bum for it, she's not allowed to give in, a fifth-generation born in mother planet, even her genes are standing against her. The life on this planet, it forces her to want to regress, wants to be taken care of, but she couldn't do that. She's fifteen in human years, but in Zohalian years, she's hardly two, if taken in by a Zohalian family and taken good care of, she'd grow up to be a healthy happy girl.

Madelyn, was on a mission today, her parents sent her to find food, something she has no idea how to do, but still, she was sent with other kids her age to try and find some food. The resistance, they live in the forest, they don't dare get close to the city of the Zohalian in fear of getting caught and sent to an orphanage or some foster family.

Madelyn wasn't very happy, she's extremely sick this morning but her parents didn't care about that, they still sent her out and try to find some kind of food while they work on repairing one of the abandoned spaceships to take them back home.

Something that never interested Mady, but she went, better than staying back, the group sent decided to get close to the town it's easier to find food there. But what happened that day was part of the normal, they almost got caught, they ran as usual, except this time Madlyn wasn't fast enough, she got caught...

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