Madlyn POV.

Olivia was done, she took me back to the wooden jail, she set me down and left me there for few hours before she came back saying it's dinner time, great I'm hungry. I could use a decent meal. I'm starving. I sat up thinking she would take me to a dining room to be able to eat but then I remember that man saying something about bottles, but still hoped for real food.

Olivia came toward me, she picked me out of the jail I'm left in most of the day, she got a bottle that looks like a baby bottle. She must be joking me, she started cooing at me, calling me a good baby and that I should open my mouth. I shook my head, I would have spoken and said I wanted soup or something but I knew if I did she may take that opportunity to force the bottle in my mouth. I groaned though when my stomach growled from hunger.

"Come on little thing eat" Olivia says trying to get the bottle through my gritted teeth and sealed lips.

"Do you want to breastfeed? is that it, you little nightmare?" Olivia asks.

I look at her shocked, I haven't thought of that, I'm surprised she even asked maybe offered. I thought was getting real food. I... I have never been breastfed before not even by my own mother when I was a baby, she was always too busy for that.

The shock made my mouth open, giving Olivia a chance to stick the bottle inside my mouth, I didn't want to drink but she squeezed the bottle making some milk fall into my mouth, I had to swallow it. For once the food didn't make me feel sick or gave me a stomach ache, the pain inside my stomach went down enough until I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in the crib again and I had to use the restroom,I needed to find the nearest restroom and a way out of my prison. I looked around the room wondering if that woman, Olivia, was around. She could walk me to a restroom.

"I need to go bathroom..... can you take me to the restroom please?" I ask pleading with her.

"Just go," Olivia says back to whatever she's doing back there

"What?! N-no! I'm not peeing myself!" I said fighting her on this. I will just hold it then till she lets me use the restroom.

"Just do it nightmare, I'll change you later," Olivia says still not looking at me.

I waited longer than I thought until Olivia came and said it's time to change me, she took me out of the stupid bed and into another flat surface, she took the outfit off me leaving me in just the white puffy thing.

"Still dry I see, need some help?" she asks adding pressure to my sore stomach, I screamed, this hurt too much, until I felt something warm going down my legs, filling the stupid garment, she had me peeing myself.

"See good job nightmare, all done" Olivia praises me before taking the white puffy thingy off and changing it for a new clean one. I was crying, sobbing my heart out, I never had an accident and she just made me have one, Olivia didn't care, she dressed me in the same one-piece outfit before placing me again in the crib, she laid me down saying it's time to sleep.

My stay in this place, which turns out to be an orphanage was a shitty experience, no matter how much I tried to run away I couldn't make it, the other people, most of them are older than me, I'm the punching bag around here.

Everyone bullies me, why, cause I'm the youngest, young littles like me, that what they call us, they get adopted right away or sent somewhere else, but me, I'm stuck here, I'm as my nickname says a nightmare to Olivia and the other care-givers. They simply hate me, I hate using the diaper around my waist, I hate the bottle, and being threatened to be breastfed isn't nice. But I got to move around on my two feet, no one bothers to carry or move me around, that was something I'm grateful for, I can run away and hide most of the time.

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