14. Silly Girl

"Kei, some girls are looking for you; they asked you to go to the back of the school!" exclaimed Lily, my classmate, when I woke up from my sleep.

"Behind school?" I asked to be sure.

Lily nodded slowly, then left me.

Why did they ask me to go to the back of the school? Is this the Aster Gang? No, Lily would have said Lenny's name right away if she had asked me to go there.

I yawned, moved my hands to relax my stiff muscles, then headed out of the classroom.

All night long, I read the novel I had previously bought. An interesting story of a woman who has werewolf DNA and falls in love with a lone wolfThe story is more exciting than similar films I've seen in theaters.

I walked quickly towards the back of the school because I wanted to quickly return to my comfortable seat and sleep well. Or should I pretend to be sick so I can sleep comfortably in the school medical room?

"So, this is the name Kei Innaya?" A girl snapped as soon as I got behind the school.

At least four girls were wai
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