7. The New Kei

Kenan smiled broadly as I came out of the house. Even though I refused, Kenan still insisted on taking me to school. Luckily, Dad had left for work this morning, or he would have interrogated me about Kenan. Where is his home, who are his parents, and so on? Ah, that would be too troublesome.

"Wow, you look beautiful!" Kenan praised me while giving me a helmet.

I just smiled faintly and put on the helmet that Kenan gave me.

"Are you nervous?" asked Kenan while winking one eye at me.

Nervous? Of course. Am I brave enough to fight them? Well, I'm sure I can face Lenny, Feby, and Miranda. But Marco?

"What are you worried about?" asked Kenan after starting his motorcycle engine.

"Marko," I answered quickly.

"Kei, we already have Marko's ace card; just relax; he won't dare to bother you again," Kenan said casually.

Kenan drove his motorcycle through the busy streets of Jakarta. A refreshing woody scent wafted from the jacket Kenan was wearing. It's quite impressive; why would a handsome an
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