8. Marko's Ace Card

I waited on the terrace of the house while eating my favorite snack. This afternoon, Kenan changed our practice schedule because he wanted to take me somewhere. I don't know what he's planning today; he didn't say anything but sounded rushed.

"Don't eat too much; you're a girl," said Dad, who had just come home.

"You're home early?" I said it quickly.

"Yes, my work is done, so it's better to hurry home and accompany you home," Dad said as he sat beside me.

"Too bad, I'm going out with my friend. You better get some rest, drink coffee, and read the paper!"

Hearing what I said, Dad immediately squinted and looked around.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked suspiciously.

"Um, this is young people's business; you don't need to know," I said, then winked mischievously.

Dad just shook his head slowly, and he then walked away from me. I put the snack back in my mouth. Kenan said my body was too thin; I could fly just because the strong wind hit me. So, I had to gain weight; I hit less hard b
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