Chapter 126

A steady stream of blood started squirting out of Kyles chest and at that moment all I wanted to do was punch Shane in the face for his idiocy. I pushed Shane out of the way and put both of my hands on Kyles wound and started applying as much pressure as I could. “One of you please try to find me a towel or something I can hold over this injury or he might very well bleed out.” I said with a shaky voice. I was freaking out I knew it and I didn’t know how to stop myself from spiraling.

“Do as Emma requests, and while you are at it get me a sewing kit, I saw one in the bathroom near the kitchen. I can sew his wound up I have done it before on far worse injuries.” Jennifer said. I sighed with relief as Tony crawled away to get the supplies. I knew in that moment before the day was over Ruby would no longer be breathing. She was not going to get away with hurting yet another person I loved.

Tony came back with my sewing kit and a few towels. Jennifer did not hesitate to get to work. She h
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