chapter 3

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" Hello I am Emma I spoke with you earlier on the phone about the Saxton booking." I smiled brightly at the owner Mrs. Spooner. "Oh yes I have been expecting you. I wanted to go over the list you emailed me to make sure this was not a mistake, and this is actually the type of party you want. I must say that it is very strange and unusual for this request as it is a Bachelorette party." Mrs. Spooner said with a doubtful look.

"Actually Mrs. Spooner I thought the same thing, but Miss Saxton is just my cousin, and we are not very close. So, I called her best friend Shelly, and she said herself along with my cousin’s other best friend, Dede, they have been planning for her Bachelorette party ever since they learned she was engaged. They wrote up this list and sent it to me last night before I forwarded it you. Shelly also wanted to make sure she got all the credit for the planning." I smiled and let out a playful giggle.

What I said to Mrs. Spooner was nothing but the truth with a little information held back. I did speak to Shelly last night, and she did send a list and asked for all the credit for the ideas. I just changed the list she sent with a list I wrote. Oops. One thing is for sure it will be a Bachelorette party none of us will ever forget. Especially Ruby.

Over the next hour and a half Mrs. Spooner and I worked out all the details for the party tomorrow night. After I was satisfied with all the details and made sure that Mrs. Spooner was going to give a toast giving Shelly all the credit before the festivities start, I said thank you and left. As I was leaving, I scrolled through my contacts list on my phone until I found Shane’s contact and hit call. Today was Wednesday and Wednesdays were always our date night. And wedding or not, that will never change.

"Hey babe. Listen tell me whatever you are planning will not hurt Ruby. I understand why you think you must do something but that does not mean you have to hurt anyone!" Shane said with desperation in his voice. I frowned and said "Calm done will you geeze. Of course, I am not going to hurt her or anyone, who do you think I am? I am just going to play a few harmless tricks that may upset her that is all!" At least for now I thought with a smirk on my face.

"Well okay than I will not worry about it or ask again. So, what is up love? Not that I do not love hearing from you I am just a bit busy at the moment. I have got to pick up my tuxedo and the tuxedos for Austin and Carter as well as the dress for Molly. She is going to be the most beautiful flower girl there ever was. And the boys are going to be co ring bearers.

Before speaking I had to get my rage under control. Once I got my anger under control, I took a deep breath and replied "Oh nothing really it is just Wednesday. It is our date night, but I guess I am not important enough to you anymore since you completely forgot!"

"Shit babe. No, I did not I am just really busy this afternoon I will be over around seven p.m. to pick you up, or we can stay in and I can cook, it is up to you." I pondered for a moment grinned than answered" Definitely stay in. How can I resist steak and shrimp at home made by a sexy chef? Plus, I just got a new set of lingerie just for you and it shows all the parts of my body you love. If your nice maybe, you can have me for dessert!" Shane groaned and sensually said "mmm I cannot wait I am getting hard just thinking about it."

"Okay sexy I have got a few errands left to run myself I will stop by the grocery store on my way home and pick up the ingredients for dinner. Love you bye." I spoke softly to Shane before hanging up.

About three hours later after finishing my errands, picking up Ruby’s new moderated gown and the new bridesmaids dresses, and stopping to grab the ingredients for dinner I arrived back home. I laid my new lingerie set out on my bed and picked out the best high heels to go with it. As I was about to undress and jump in the shower, I heard a knock at the door.

I thought to myself "Yes he is an hour early maybe we can shower together." with a huge smile on my face I reached for the doorknob and opened the door. I was in disbelief when I saw it was not Shane standing there but rather Ruby with a happy go lucky look on her face. Inside I was outraged! Why does this bitch always have to be a thorn in my side!

"Ruby? Dear cousin why are you here?" I said trying to mask my anger with a look of shock. After all this was shocking in the three years I have lived in this house Ruby has never come over let alone just shown up on my doorstep. "Hi Emma! I was actually in the neighborhood, and I figured I would stop by and see how the Bachelorette party planning is coming along. Can I come in?" Ruby said with so much enthusiasm it was sickening.

"Um, sure but I do not have much time I am expecting company in a little while. So, you will have to bear with me while I start prepping dinner for me and my guest." I was hoping she would get the hint and not wear out her welcome. Not like she was welcome in the first place. “Oh I will not take up much of your time. Derek and I have dinner reservations at the Dragon house at eight. My dear brother will not be able to make it to the wedding Friday, so he wanted to take me to my favorite restaurant to celebrate it tonight." Ruby beamed at me.

I turned around and headed for the kitchen with Ruby closely following behind. I grabbed the ingredients for the salad and the steak and shrimp to marinate them, and while I was preparing it Ruby was prattling on and on. Seriously does this woman ever shut the hell up! I looked at the clock, it was six thirty. Crap. I had better give her the update on her Bachelorette party and get her out of my damn house.

I anxiously looked at the clock it was now six fifty-two. I just finished giving Ruby all the information about her Bachelorette party and that it was all set for eight p.m. tomorrow night thanks to Shelly’s help. "I cannot thank you enough for taking my advice and calling Shelly. I know we are cousins and all, but she just gets me better." I smirked at her " Not a problem. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. And I just kno... Oh no is that really the time? Sorry Ruby but my guest will be here soon." with a small smile and a wave of her hand she said "Okay Emma. Well, I guess I will see you tomorrow at eight p.m. sharp. Do not be late ha-ha. Thanks again cousin."

Ruby stood up and went to walk out of the kitchen just as Shane was walking through the door. He came in with a huge smile on his face. The second he saw Ruby his smile disappeared and the color in his face drained as a nervous look settled on his face. "Why the hell are you in my cousins house Shane? What the fuck is going on here?" Ruby exploded with anger shifting her gaze between Shane and me.

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