Chapter 4

Current location: My kitchen

I could tell by the look on Shane’s face that he was stunned and could not speak. After a minute went by without anyone saying anything Ruby screamed at Shane and I "One of you better start explaining what the hell this situation I just walked in to is! Tell me right now or so help me things are going to get ugly real fast. And neither of you are going to like what happens next!"

I was thinking, sure Ruby play big and bad with your small ass rat looking face. Honestly if it was up to me, I would tell Ruby right here and now why Shane was really here. "Oh yes Ruby we have been in a secret relationship since before you gave birth to your first child. And yes, I have known about you and Shane long before you even got pregnant skank! And he is here for our weekly date night in which we will eat, talk, and then screw each other’s brains out with the most amazing sex in the universe, since he cannot get it from you since you are so vanilla and such a prude."

But alas I could not. I promised Shane, I would not tell her about us. I may be a lot of things, but a promise breaker is not one of them. Especially when it comes to Shane. And besides now that I started my plan to take Ruby down, I am so looking forward to sitting back and watching all the chaos unfold.

I sighed gave a hard look to Shane than turned to Ruby" Cousin chill the hell out will you! You are acting like Shane, and I are conspiring to commit murder or something!" Ruby glared at me. "Calm down, what the hell do you mean calm down? First off, I did not even realize the two of you even knew each other. When the fuck did that even happen? And second off I cannot even think of a good enough reason Shane would be here in your home unless something is going on with the two of you behind my back!"

All the while Shane is still shocked and has not said anything, all of a sudden he snaps out of it clears his throat and looks innocently at Ruby" Hon it is not like that we are just friends that is all honestly!" I rolled my eyes behind Ruby’s back and then winked at Shane. I could not help it naughty is my middle name after all. Okay my middle name is Nicole, but that is besides the point!

Ruby sneered and roughly threw her words at Shane." If that is true, why are you having dinner together just the two of you in HER house? It is such an intimate setting. And if the two of you are such good friends why did neither one of you ever mention it to me. I can see why Emma might not have; she had no idea who I was dating but you could have told Emma. For all I know you did, and she has known this whole time!"

I walked over to Shane "Look you should just tell her I do not know what the big idea is any way. And I do not think it will hurt her feelings it may even seem like an awesome idea to her. Come on give my cousin Ruby some credit." Shane looked back at me with a confused expression on his face. “Shane? What is Emma talking about? What are the two of you not telling me? You both know you can tell me anything. I really need you to make me understand what is going on between the two of you." Ruby sniffed with tears in her eyes.

I sighed than said "Since Shane seems to be having a hard time finding his words to confess to you, I will just tell you myself than." Shane suddenly had a terrified look upon his face as I continued to explain. "You see I am not sure if you know how hard it is for Shane to write down his feelings, let alone express them the way he means to face to face with someone. Shane really wanted to surprise you by being able to say the perfect things and to speak from the bottom of his heart. As soon as Shane found out you were my cousin, he came to me to ask for my help writing his wedding vows."

Ruby stood there with her mouth agape as Shane’s face softened and his lips curved upwards." And to answer your other questions I have known Shane since high school. It was not until both of you told me, on the same day at that, that you guys were getting married that both Shane and I realized my cousin and his soon to be wife were one in the same person! That is when Shane asked if I could help him with his vows. Especially since I have a master’s degree in arts and Literature plus you know I am great with words and feelings as the both of you have said after reading some of my writing. Does that answer all of your questions?"

What happened next, I did not expect. Ruby walked over to me, gave me a teary-eyed grin and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me deeply. Shane stared at me his eyes bulging out of there sockets. Apparently almost just as shocked as me or worried I would hit her or strangle her. Probably the latter.

Ruby pulled away looked me dead in the eyes and said with so much admiration "Emma my dear, dear cousin. I am so sorry for jumping to conclusions without stopping to think about my actions first. You are definitely a saint. What you are doing for Shane, doing for me, doing for us it is the most wonderful wedding present I could ever hope for. I am so grateful my mother made me ask you to be my maid of honor. I am very grateful you said yes. And above all else I am grateful for what you are doing here for my soon to be husband."

Ruby let go of me, thankfully before I did something that would ruin all of my plans, and she turned to Shane with a huge watery grin on her face "And you where do I even start. Wanting our wedding to be so perfect for me makes me one hundred percent sure me asking you to marry me and nagging you for the last two and a half years until you said yes, it was totally worth every second of it. I am going to go now so the two of you can get down to business, so you can be completely ready for our wedding in two days’ time. I already checked into my hotel and my mother has the kids, she will bring them to the wedding. So, I guess this is the last time I will be seeing you until then. Also, Emma, I will see you tomorrow at eight p.m. I cannot wait to see what you girls came up with! Thank you again Emma dear." Ruby gave Shane a kiss, which almost had me seeing red before she made her way out of my house.

A few minutes later Shane and I were alone in the kitchen. Shane let out a low whistle "Babe that was so fucking amazing how you pulled that story out of thin air like that. I almost started to believe it myself, and I know it was a load of bull shit." I laughed and shook my head "I am always prepared for the worst-case scenario, and I always have some form of a backup plan! But seriously though, admit it you were sweating your ass off for there for a minute thinking I was going to spill everything you were scared shitless. Do not worry I would not do that especially not tonight otherwise I could not give you dessert." He responded by sticking his tongue out at me. An invitation if I ever saw one.

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