A Handsome Stranger

I feel like I am going to faint! Sammy does not know for a fact what I am doing here, but I think she has a good idea. I pull Joanne aside.

“Joanne, can you give us a minute and six shots of tequila.”

“Sure, sweety, I will be back in ten.”

I turn to Sammy. I offer her a tequila, and she downs it.


“Don't Sammy me! Why are you dressed like that and hanging out with barbie doll over there?”

“I don't know how to say this...”

“Well, you have two minutes, so you better spill it!”

“You know when I told you...”

“Told me what!”

“That job...”

“What job!”

“The one I told you about in the kitchen...”

“You better not be telling me!”

I interrupt her. I am 23, and I can make my own decisions. There is a reason why I am doing this, and I am not aborting my plan.

“I am the new shooter girl here at Spangles.”

“Sorry, I don't think I heard you right!”

“Shooter Girl...”

“You are what! Have you lost your mind!”

“Please, Sammy...”

I hand her another tequila.

“Becca, I have seen you do some crazy stuff...but is this going to get Matt back?”

“Please trust me...I know what I am doing.”

“This is...”

Before she can finish, Johno is at the table.

“Hey, Baby.” He kisses Sammy.  “Hey, Becca...looking good.”

Sammy shoots him a "how dare you" look.

“Am I interrupting again?” Johno asks. “Should I go?”



“Well,” Johno says. “My friend is in the VIP section; do you girls care to join us?”

“Of course, baby, I will. I trust you will come to your senses, Becca, and join us.”

“I will consider it.”

I think that went well...okay, maybe not...

I walk up to Joanne...I have to carry on...this is my plan...I cannot stop now.

“That looked juicy...I should have stayed.”

I laugh at Joanne.

“Becca, why are you doing this anyway?”

“Do what?”

“Work Spangles...serving shooters.”

Do I tell her the truth?

“I am trying to get my way through business school, and this seemed easy enough. And you?”

“I lost my previous job, and it's been hard to find another. I did not leave on good terms.”

We work our way through another couple of tables when Mike calls up to the bar.

“Ladies, we have a table in the VIP section specifically asking for you.”

He hands us a bottle of Johnny Walker...some of his best stuff. “Off you go...make a first impression that lasts.”

I know Sammy is in the VIP section. This better not be her!

We head upstairs when I see a guy gesturing for Joanne to come over.

Another table stops me for a round of shooters, and Joanne goes on ahead.

“Hello guys, what can we do for you this evening?”

I hear the first guy speak to her. “How about you come to sit here on my lap?”

“Honey, that ain't happening.”

“Well,” The second guy starts. “Where is your pretty friend I saw you with earlier...she can come to sit on my lap.”

“Now, boys,” I hear Joanne answer him. “You know we don't work that way.”

“I will make it worthwhile,” the second guy replies.

“Honey, I don't think you can handle us.”

“Oh, we can handle you,” there is a third guy that speaks. “What about you and me on that back table?”

Then the second guy adds, “Where is that friend of yours? I can bend her over this table.”

I walk up to the table, and I can hear Joanne getting frustrated. It's like a low-budget porn being played out.

“Now, now Boys..behave,” I say as I come from behind Joanne. “No one is bending anybody over a table. If you want a drink, I am happy to oblige.”

You can hear silence fall around the table...then a whistle...then a groan...and then.

Then I hear a voice e that sounds all too familiar. “Becca. What the fuck are you doing here?”

I cannot believe it! It is Matt! And he just offered to bend me over a table! What the fuck is going on here!

I turn to run away, but then I remember why I am here...for that asshole at that table. “Matt...fancy meeting you here.”


I ignore Matt and turn to the other two guys at the table. “Roger, James, nice to see you guys again.”

“Becca...” I hear James stutter

“Becca. I did not know it was you...I am so sorry!” Poor Roger tries to apologize, but he can only fumble at his words.

“No worries,” I say. “Can I get you guys a round of shooters?”

Joanne looks at me with a "what the hell is going on" face. I just smile at her... “We will be back in ten...that is if you boys behave.”

As we turn to leave, Matt jumps up.

“Becca, wait! Can we please talk?”

“Not now, Matt!”

He grabs me by the wrist and pulls me into an empty booth.

“Matt, you are hurting me! Let me go!”

“I knew you were up to something. What are you doing here?”

“I am saving up for business school...”

“Bullshit! And you know it!”

“What was that bending over tables shit?”

He grabs my wrist even harder...

“Harmless fun.”

“Let me go! Matt! Let me go!”

The next thing I know, Matt is against the wall...and it's not me pinning him... The most gorgeous man I have ever seen has Matt by his throat...

“You hurt her again, and I will break every bone in your body!”

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Therese Torrefranca
What happened to serving shots to her friends Sammy, Johno & his VIP friend. They specifically asked for Becca. Who else but Sammy would specifically ask for her to serve them when Matt & his friends didn’t Becca was serving.

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