The Cat Is Out The Bag

It's Friday night, and I am getting ready to go out. I still have not spoken to Sammy since our big fallout. Matt is still here...I told him that I am still thinking about it...I am...And this is why I am going to do this.

I pull at my skirt for the hundredth time...this is way too short...and these boots...I look like a stripper...but I am not...or am I...

I hope Matt is not in the lounge or the kitchen...but then again, he has to be, or this is not going to work...this is the plan.

I sneak halfway down the stairs...he is there.

“Hey, I am heading out...I will see you later.”

He does not look up at me at first but then...

“Where. The. Hell. Are. You. Going. Wearing. That!”

“I am going out, Matt.”


“We not sure yet. Probably Spangles.”

“Did Sammy put you up to this?”

“Up to what?”

“Dressing like a whore.”

“Excuse me...the last time I checked, I was not the whore in this relationship.”

Realizing what he said, Matt backtracks.

“I am sorry, babe, but you have not been acting yourself.”

“Maybe you should not have screwed around; then I would have acted myself.”

“It is just you have been going out almost every night since...”

He stops.

“I am sorry.”

“Give me time, Matt.”

As I am about to leave, I feel him grabbing my arm and turn me around into a hug. It's not a hug that lovers hug...there is no love... it is cold... let us hope I can fix it.

“Hey baby, I might see you later; the boys want to go out, we might as well head over there.”

“Oh shit...I need Sammy.”

On the way, I call Sammy.

“Oh well, look who decided to call me.”

“Hey, Sammy.”

“Hey yourself...nice sneaking away like that... I did not think you had it in you.”

“I am sorry. You just did not want to listen to me.”

“Well, if I had such a dumb ass idea, you would not have listened to me either.”

“Fair enough, it was a dumb ass idea. I am heading to Spangles. Do you want to meet up there?”

“Of course! Johno will be there as well. See you shortly.”

I should not have hidden the entire truth from her. She is going to flip! It's time to kick the sorry ass, Becca, out the door...time for the new me...this is the plan.

As I pull up to the club, I see Bruno manning the door.

“Damn, girl, you really know how to clean up.”

“Hey, Bruno.”

I give Bruno a shy smile as I am about to head into the club when he turns to me.

“I heard we have a new shooter girl. You won't know anything about that?”

I give him a wink and head for the bar.

When I get to the bar, Mike is waiting for me. Marco has not come back; rumor has it that he is in the slammer.

“Hey, girl.”

“Hey. Mike!”

“I did not think that you would come back.”

“And miss the opportunity to work with you.”

“Honey, if it were not for Justin, I would be all over you.”

We both laugh. During the past week, while mustering up the courage to apply for this job, I have gotten to know Mike very well. He and Justin have been together almost as long asMatt and me.

While waiting for Mike to prepare my bottles of shooters for the evening, I can't help thinking about what Sammy is going to do when she finds out...I am scared

And Matt. I think he might throw a chair or two...I am nervous.

“Here you go, you only serve tequilas and JD; the rest they need, they came for at the bar. As with a stripper, there is no-touching.”

“Mike! I am not astripper!”

“Sorry bad comparison.”

“Do not spend more than ten minutes at a table.”

“Now of you go!”

“But I don't know what to do.”

“Joanne here will show you the ropes.”

“Mike, there is a chance that Matt will be here tonight.”

“Don't worry; if he makes a scene, Bruno will chuck him out.”

We head out to our first table...all a bunch of average-looking men...there is no funny business... Just serve and go.

“It seems easy enough.”

“Please don't get too is still early.”

Our next table is a group of men, all barely old enough to be allowed in here. Joanne walks up to them and offers them some tequilas. As she turns to grab a bottle from me, the youngest of the bunch attempts to grab her ass

“Honey, if you want to keep your hand, you better place it where it's needed. Tonight when you dream of this sweet ass, you are going to need it to release some of that pressure.”

I nearly burst out laughing. Joanne signals for me, and we head out to our next table.

“How long have you been doing this?”

“It's four weeks now. My friend could not handle the ass grabbing ... Hence here you are.”

“Thanks for helping me out.”

“No worries.”

I look at my watch. It is nearly time for Sammy to be here. I just hope Bruno does not say anything. She needs to hear this from me.

And there she is...Sammy is sitting at our usual table.

“So Joanne, what is the policy with serving friends?”

“As long as they are paying and not more than ten minutes at the table at a time...then there is no problem.”

“Can we head over to my friend's table then? I have to warn you; she does not know yet; her claws might come out.”

“Nothing like a good catfight.”

We head over to where Sammy is sitting...I decide that sneaking up on her is the best they say, the element of surprise I tap her on her shoulder...

“Hey, Sammy!”

“Hey, Babe! Did you just get here?”

“Yup. Bruno said, you were inside, but I did not see you.”

She looks to Joanne and to me and back at Joanne.

“Who is your friend?”

“Sammy, we need to talk.”

It is as if a light goes off in her head, and you can almost hear a pin drop...

“What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On. Here!”

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