The Plan

I think that turned out quite well, if I must say so myself. Matt could not take his eyes off me. He has never seen me in a dress like this. I think things might just be looking up for me. I need a plan. I need to show Matt that he is nothing without me. That he will never look or want another woman again.

Finally, we pull up to the club.


The whole way, Sammy kept on telling me how Matt is no good for me. I know she is right. I know I should not forgive him. But... But no more sad thoughts...for tonight...time to have fun!

“Hey, Bruno! How are you doing tonight?”

“Hey, Sammy. Always better when I see you girls.”

“Ahh, you so sweet.”

“Hey, Bruno!”

“Hey, Becca. Looking good tonight...What's the occasion?”

“A cheating boyfriend.”

Bruno laughs so loud you can hear a rumble in his chest.

“You girls go on out; there is a lot of creeps in there tonight.”

“It's more they should watch out for us.”

I give Bruno a big smile and follow Sammy to the bar. I wish I had the confidence that she has. She makes a simple conversation look so effortless.

Once we get inside, we head straight to the bar to order some drinks.

“Evening ladies...what can I do for you?”

“A Cosmopolitan, please. Make that two.”

Sammy and I find a table near the bar and near enough the dance floor as well. You see Sammy scanning the crowd...she is on the prowl...I cannot help but laugh.

“You look like you are about to devour something, or should I say someone.”

Sammy just laughs....she gives you a wink and adjusts her dress.

“Sammy, you don't have to sit here and babysit me, you know.”

“There is no way I am leaving you here by yourself, especially when you look like that. Whatever you attract tonight, I want some of that as well.”

“Sorry to bust your fantasy, but I'm not into threesomes.”

Sammy laughs so loud she nearly falls off her chair.

“You know what...fuck Matt! It's is time I live a little and let my hair down!”

“Now we are talking!”


“Hell yes...bring the tequila!”

I head to the bar to order the tequilas. The bar is pretty crowded. I am just standing there waiting my turn when something catches my eye... I hear the bartender call.

“What will it be, Honey?”

“Six tequila, please.”

“Coming up.”

“Where is Marco tonight?”

“It's his night is Mike.”

“I am Becca, and that is my friend Sammy.”

“Nice to meet you go...your tequilas.”

As I turn to leave, Mike calls my name.

“Becca, you know you would make a great shooter girl with that hot bod of yours.”

I turn back and glance at the flyer that caught my eye earlier.

I blush and look at Mike.

“Thanks...I guess...I don't think I would ever have the guts to do something like that.”

“Well, it takes some guts to wear a dress like yours. Serving a few shooters should be a breeze.”

I laugh at him and head back to our table. You see a sweet-looking guy flirting with Sammy.

“Ahh, Sammy, and whom may we have here?”

“Oh, there you are. Becca, this is Johno.”

“Nice to make the acquaintance,” he reaches out to shake my hand.

“Likewise. Do you care for a shot?

I hand him and Sammy a shot, and we down them in no time.

“So Johno, Sammy and me come here quite often; we have never seen you here before?”

“I am new in town...a friend of mine suggested it. I think he might pop in later after work.”

My mind wanders off at this thought. It is only when Sammy kicks me under the table that I realize I was staring...rather more like drooling.

I find myself at the bar again...this time ordering some JD for me, Sammy, and Johno.

“Mike, can you have six JDs?”

“Coming right up.”

Mike hands me the shots, but before I turn, he says...

“You should really try it. You are a gorgeous woman. I can see the doubt you have in yourself in your eyes. You need to break those barriers. If I could catch that asshole that broke your heart...”

I interrupt his sentence.

“How do you know?”

“Honey, it is all over your face.”

We stay at the club until late into the night

I spent the night at Sammy's place...and oh, how do I regret it. Between the non-stop messages from Matt...all I could hear is sounds of ecstasy...not coming from my room but Sammy's. Oh yes, she brought Johno home.

My pounding head is screaming for coffee, so I make my way down to the kitchen. There stands Sammy.

“Well, good morning!”

“Hey babe!” she cheerfully greets me back.

“Someone is awfully cheery this morning...does it have anything to do with one piece of sweet ass upstairs.”

“Damn girl, he is hot! There is this thing he does...”

“Please, please spare me the details! I don't think I need to hearing is quite good to fill in the gaps.”

We both burst out laughing.

“I must say you really outdid yourself this time.”

“Just a pity his friend never showed up.”

“There is always another time.”

Sammy narrows her eyes and looks at me intently. She knows something is up.

“Spill it. I know that look.”

“I think I have a plan how I can get Matt back.”

“Oh my, not this again! He is going to break your heart again!”

“Maybe not.”

“Maybe yes!”

“I am giving him one last time...just one last time.”

“And how do you intend to stop Matt from cheating again?”

“Well, it is somewhat extreme.”

“I don't know if I am going to like this.”

“I don't think even my parents are going to like this.”

“Oh, shit, let's hear this.”

“I am going to work at Spangles.”

There is total silence...a laugh that is something horrified yet hysteric echoes the kitchen...I don't know if it is Sammy or me. As if right on cue Johno enters the kitchen

“Hey, gorgeous.”

He kisses Sammy on the cheek.

“What did I miss?”

I turn to leave, but Sammy grabs my arm.

“You are going nowhere!”

Johno raises his eyebrow.

“Did I interrupt something?”



“Okay, maybe it's time for me to go.”

“Oh no, Johno, you have to stay and hear this. Tell him of your great plan, Becca!”

“It is really nothing. I think I am going to go.”

“You are not going anywhere...I am your ride home...remember!”

“OK, it was a bad idea, Sammy. I just thought...”

“You just thought!”

“Let's just leave it.”

“I don't understand why you would do something like that for him.”

“You don't understand. I love him. I cannot throw away six years.”

“Did he think of you when he had his cock up someone else's...”

I stop her before she can continue. I turn around and run upstairs. A little while later, I sneak out of Sammy's apartment. I need to get home. I need to think.

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