Not All That Glitters

Not All That Glitters

By:  Oohlasophie  Completed
Language: English
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*Hollis Bogard isn’t known for her commitment. In fact, she’s content leading a single, flirtatious life. That might change after meeting Whitney York, a free spirited artist thirsting for adventure.Having been cursed out, chased, and scorned by every broken hearted woman twenty eight year old heroin addict Hollis Bogard has slept around with, she’s not fazed at all by any of it. Always preferring to look for the next best set of kissable lips. Life as an emotionally unavailable bachelorette has served her well, and after all...everyone was warned before anything happened. Feelings were a big no. Hollis had seen what love did to her parents, and wanted nothing to do with the white picket-fenced lie. So long as her bed was warm when she needed it to be, that’s what mattered.Californian Whitney York is ready for a new start. While spontaneity wasn’t a strong suit of her’s, packing up everything she owned into her little black 2008 Toyota Prius and driving cross country to Auburn, Maine was the best idea she’d had all year. No more nagging mother, to hell with her father always comparing Whitney to her successful sister, Theresa. The one with the prestigious acting career, doting husband, and two all American poster children. She wanted to be free to figure out her own destiny. When elusive Hollis bumps into electrifying Whitney at a local bar on the outskirts of town, sparks fly between the unlikely pair.Disclaimer: Strong sexual content, graphic sex scenes, drug usage. 18+, please. This novel won’t be for you if you’re not comfortable with any of the above topics.2019 All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don’t attempt to steal any part of my work.

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Very relatable characters and it’s a good read. I enjoyed the character build up and it was nice to see characters react to certain situations like how any normal person would. I’m looking forward to the next volume.
2023-02-22 06:44:19
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Adufe Gold
2021-04-17 06:38:27
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jordan coker great story couldn't stop reading
2021-04-15 06:46:50
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Akashia Grei
This is so good inspiring! It made me cry.... this is the best story i've read since i started this up. 👍👍👍
2021-03-22 20:46:21
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man lai so
Moe coinssssss
2021-02-12 00:37:39
user avatar
I just love the story!!
2020-09-15 11:42:28
42 Chapters
Prologue/Chapter One:
Prologue:It was storming heavily by the time Hollis raced out of Whitney’s house, which just added to the already miserable day she was having. Hearing Whitney cry out her name made everything worse, and she struggled to block it out as she slid into her car and started the ignition. Rain drops pounded on her windshield like threatening pellets and she locked her doors just before her dark-haired lover appeared, trying to open the passenger side in frustration.“DON’T DO THIS!” Whitney screamed desperately, ready to throw herself on top of Hollis’ Corolla. The other girl wasn’t listening, and started backing out of her driveway quickly.“I’m sorry. I just- I need to leave.” Hollis shakily pushed her sopping wet blonde hair aside and sped away. She tried not to notice Whitney running beside her vehicle, but it was impossible with all the pleading and banging on the windowpan
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Chapter Two:
| Whitney | “We’re so proud of you, honey.” James York reached across the classic white patio table where his family all gathered for dinner, and squeezed his eldest daughter Theresa’s hand tightly; A sentiment the newly casted actress returned with a flutter of her doe-like sea green eyes and what was meant to be a humble smile, but Whitney York knew better. Her sister craved the attention like she craved a knife in her own trachea anytime they all got together.It wasn’t that she was jealous, she always knew they came from different worlds in personality. From day one, Theresa had gotten into beauty pageants and gymnastics with an enthusiasm that their parents couldn’t help but support. It was only natural she’d take ridiculously expensive acting classes and be in all the right places to meet all the in people littered throughout Hollywood California. Thanks to a diet of sparkling water, adderall, and a few
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Chapter Three:
| Hollis |It wasn’t until three A.M the next morning when Hollis quietly snuck through the front door, being mindful of the creaking as she entered. Nina’s cream colored Volkswagen Beetle was parked in the driveway, letting her know Dalton wasn’t alone.Neither was she.“Take my hand,” she whispered to the strung out freckled girl behind her. Giggling softly, Mandy complied almost immediately and allowed Hollis to lead the way through the dark living room and up a set of carpeted stairs. They’d met quite accidentally at a local rock event playing at Chelsea’s Sports Bar not far from Hollis’ house. Mandy had mistaken Hollis for a friend of hers when she jumped on her back gleefully, catching the tall blonde woman off guard. Neither girl felt disappointed once the confusion had been cleared up and they were properly introduced. After a few hours of drinking and pill popping, Hollis didn’t feel comfort
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Chapter Four:
| Hollis |The last several evenings at Ringo’s were really starting to wear on the Franchise staff’s nerves. With a multitude of Fall festivities right around the corner, not to mention the nearby strip mall advertising massive sales in almost all it’s stores, everybody and their mom began stopping in for a quick bite and a refreshing drink. When one wave of patrons left, another seemed to pack in. It was impossible to get caught up.Hollis as always kept everyone from killing each other, employees and customers alike. Although her primary responsibility was tending to the constantly packed bar, she’d duck in and out of the kitchen to run her grateful wait staff’s hot food whenever she had a spare moment.“Can you grab table fifteen’s mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings, Hollis? They’ve got a ceaser salad and personal pizza too.” Bubbly college student Morgana Dahl called over her shoulder as she watched the
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Chapter Five:
| Whitney| “So what brings you to our little city, West Coast? We’re a ways out from your neck of the woods.” Whitney watched the mischievous blonde woman she’d collided with a handful of hours ago tighten the bun behind her head, and offered a half shrug as some sort of response. The conversation had been pretty light leading up to this point. After going over a basic run down of Auburn and it’s highlights, they’d skimmed through one of the art books and Hollis listened intently as Whitney explained how she usually didn’t follow guidelines, but wanted to improve her style a bit. As reserved as Hollis seemed to be, she hung off Whitney’s every word with unwavering fascination. It was for that reason especially that Whitney didn’t want to get into the specifics for why she’d driven blindly to Maine.“My family sucks. That’s the short story.&rdqu
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Chapter Six:
| Whitney |“This is insanity! What are you doing out there, Whit? Come back home.” Theresa’s exasperated tone irritated her younger sister to no end. When she couldn’t ignore her family’s constant barrage of phone calls any longer, she finally gave in and answered mid ring just before hopping in the shower to begin job hunting. Auburn didn’t seem to have many prospects- but there was still one more day to go until she’d see Hollis again at Chelsea’s, and sticking around Kendra and her obscure group of drinking buddies wasn’t an option.“California was never my home.” Whitney replied without missing a beat, undoing the tie holding her long black braid together and separating the mess of wavy curls with her fingers as she spoke. “I wish you’d give me space, Theresa. Mom and dad too. I have my own money, and I’m doing alright for myself in Maine-““But WHY
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Chapter Seven:
| Whitney |Flip flop. Flip flop.Whitney’s heart wouldn’t stop thumping.Nervously twirling a few black curls around her forefinger, she crossed her ankles nervously and kept glancing at the front entrance of Aroma Joe’s. The quaint coffee shop should have made her feel cozy, with the enticingly warm smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting in the air and it’s cabin-esq decor, but all she’d been able to concentrate on was steadying her breathing. Thoughts of her past began trickling in from memory as she continued to wait for Hollis.Like most everything, California wasn’t all bad and had given Whitney a handful of semi serious girlfriends. Even with the exhilarating moments, it was always the same in the end. Girls with a taste for glitz and glamor, attractive studs with at least one EX girlfriend making Whitney’s life hell. The last relationship she’d had came to an abrupt halt five months ago. Crisz
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Chapter Eight:
| Hollis |Hollis never took anyone fishing with her, let alone to the special little spot she’d stumbled upon accidentally on her nineteenth birthday. As close as she was to Dalton, their interests couldn’t have been any more different, so she never bothered asking if he might want to come along. That afternoon, she’d slipped away from the apartment she and Dalton lived in at the time after he admitted to inviting their dysfunctional parents over for a intimate celebration, and started driving toward the lake. One wrong turn took her through a twenty minute maze that eventually lead to a scenic riverbank. A long, wide surface made of an almost polished stone made it comfortable for Hollis to enjoy sitting under it’s Juniper trees and fish for hours. Surprisingly enough, she’d never had an issue finding that spot again, but for the life of her wouldn’t know how to direct anybody else down there. Thinking about this while Whitney climbed int
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Chapter Nine:
| Hollis |She tried so hard to forget about the kiss, but couldn’t. It’d been playing in her mind on repeat relentlessly since it happened.Whitney’s pillowy soft lips felt like heaven against her own, and Hollis could still smell the floral body spray on the other girl’s freckled neck. It’d been a perfect opportunity to bone right there on the rocks overlooking the sparking river, but just as they were practically swallowing each other’s tongues, Whitney’s fishing rod began jerking lightly.At Ringo’s cleaning beer glasses, Hollis smiled like an idiot at the memory.********************“Oh shit! What do I do!?” Whitney giggled, fidgeting with her rod for a second.“Good going, you got one! Now bring her in, like this.” Hollis had been quick to help Whitney reel in her catch, basking in her friend’s glowing excitement. Before long, a wr
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Chapter Ten:
| Hollis |“One root beer and a strawberry lemonade, coming right up!” Whitney quickly jot her only table’s drink order down and glanced over her shoulder at Hollis for approval, receiving a kind nod of encouragement in response. The tenured wait staff were less than thrilled at the idea of having to share their patrons, and quickly bombarded Hollis with their claims to certain booths. Morgana in particular seemed extremely agitated, and had pulled the confused bartender aside an hour before the couple Whitney was serving now walked in.“You know it’s going to be dead as hell in here tonight, right? Tell me you’re not giving away a ton of tables to her. I need to make my money.” Morgana’s icy tone dripped with attitude as she rolled her blue eyes, which pissed Hollis off to no end. How else was Whitney supposed to get any good at her job? A sharp urge to protect the newest member of their crew made Hollis lean ag
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