Chapter Six: The Monster


What I have just experienced is nowhere near my wildest imagination. I knew this man was delusional and trust me I have met all sorts of crazy. First, he dragged me along with a lie that we were going for a ride. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be grateful or shaken because I thought he brought me here to kill me.

He killed two men with a promise of killing more when I disobeyed him. What type of sick bastard is he? I contemplate as my fear and anxiety slowly turn into anger.

After throwing in threats and killing two men, he lazily got up from the chair and continued chatting with the man he just threatened. The man had lost a few front teeth and his mouth was full of blood but tried to mask it as Adrian kept tapping his shoulder making him flinch each time.

He asked one of his guards to take me home and from the exchanged eye contact I could tell they were friends. The car drove at high speed as my mind drifted back to the insane turn of events. When is he going
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