Chapter Five - Fear


When I arrived at the auction, everyone knew it had to be important because I rarely show interest in women and I certainly don’t need an auction to fuck one. They are always ready and waiting like the whores they are. 

Hearing my enemy was attending the Auction stirred something within me. But when I arrived he wasn't there. Looking in Luca's direction he knew I'd fuck him up later for giving me unverified information. 

One girl stood out for me. There was something about her that drew her to me. When we locked eyes I saw a fire I wanted to put out. Without thinking I bid fifty million and left everyone speechless. 

Of course, no one challenged me.

I left Lucas to take her to the mansion to get trained and I haven’t seen her since then.

My goal was to break her with pain in every way possible. The blood running through her veins was going to be what kept me afloat. 

It had always been smoking but it stopped working for some time do she was going to do. 

I wanted her fear. Her hate and her tears to keep me up and going. I didn't know why but I needed it. ,

I throw myself back as I stare at the information displayed before me. She has a pathetic life but I feel nothing but curiosity every time I look at her picture. Someone will wonder why the hell I spent that much.

Because I want to be the one to break her. 

Closing my Laptop, I pick up my keys and head out to see my new pet.

I stride into the dimly lit garage, and the air greets me with the unmistakable scent of burning tobacco, mingled with something even more potent, the aura of power. 

With a practiced flick, I retrieve a cigarette from my silver case, its tip igniting with a fiery glow. The SUV's engine growls to life with a power that matches my own, and as I settle into the leather-clad driver's seat and speed into the streets.

I soon arrive at our old mansion where we once stayed happily but separated after my Father’s death. Our family crest stands tall and unshaken as the iron gates open. This is the safest place anyone can be. But it can also be a prison when you are not wanted.

The maids slowly bow as I come into view as my men posted in all corners nod. I intend on heading to my room but stop in my tracks when I hear my mother’s voice and my blood boils. 

What the fuck is she doing here?

I walk in right before she puts her hands on Ella. Anger seethes through me as I glare at her. How dare she try to touch what’s mine? 

I am the one to hurt her and no one else. I look at her fragile frame as she stands glued to her post like a statue and it disgusts me. 

How is she so weak? I can see the fire inside her. Her darkness recognizes mine when our eyes lock. I just need to bring that out and see if she will break or I will need to do it myself.

“None of you will lay a finger on her!’’ I warn. “If she does as much as shed a tear not caused by me, it will be the death of you.’’ 

‘’Yes, Sir.’’ Everyone present responds quietly. 

"You are mine and you answer to no one else. Do you understand?!’’ I ask her and she nods in fear.

"When I ask a question I expect an answer with words do you understand?" I add icily. 

" Yes Sir." She stutters and an indescribable irritation flares through me. 

I drag her hands with me and leave her out in the passage and walk to my room. I run my hand in my hair as I realize that I’ve caused a stir over my pet. Opening the drawers, I pull out a cigarette and light it as I lay back on my chair and blow out smoke. My phone flashes with Luca’s name on the screen.

‘’News on the latest mole?’’ I say as soon as I pick up. 

‘’Not yet, but I have news on who has been stealing our cargo these past months,’’ he responds very proudly. 

I roll my eyes even though he can't see me. 

Luca can be trusted, For a skilled strategist, and an unflinching enforcer of our empire's rules, he sure has a loud mouth but knows when to be dead silent on things that are important. His loyalty and intensity is the reason why I let him get away with most shit.

“I will be going there to have fun this evening.’’ He says as a matter of fact. But I know by fun he definitely means torture will go on tonight.

But I have a better idea.

“No, leave it. I will do it.’’

“Sure, I will send the address and details.’’

With that, the line cuts. Knowing me very well has made Luca not to question any of my decisions especially when he wasn’t expecting it.

With an evil plan forming in my head, I smile as I walk to my pet’s room. I don’t even bother knocking and burst the door open. 

Scared and surprised brown eyes stare at me and I smirk.

“Are you always so weak and full of fear?’’

“No, I wasn’t just expecting you.’’ She says in almost a whisper while looking down.

“Who were you expecting?’’ I ask, arching an eyebrow and slowly walking towards her bed with my hands shoved in my pockets. 

A look of shock and horror fills her face as she realizes what meaning I have attached to her question.

“No, that is not what I meant. I … just meant that uhm only Nonna comes here to my room,’’ she replies, biting her lower lip and I feel my shaft punch against my boxers.

What the hell?

This is a woman I have vowed to break as a way of feeling better but why does she look like a fragile angel who needs protection from everything impure? And why do I feel like I want to be the one to corrupt her?

“How are you adjusting?’’ I ask and I almost kick myself for asking a stupid question. She is my pet. Her well-being means nothing to me.


She stares at me as if I am an alien. I don’t blame her… I’m acting out of character right now. 

“Very well, but I wanted to find out if you could tell me why you bought me.’’ She responds after a long pause. 

Bought you, huh? Does she think I auctioned her because I’m interested in her?

“To ruin you of course,’’ I smirk and the terrified face she makes turns me on. My cock twitches when her eyes go wide and her mouth forms a small o from a small gasp. 

I wonder how she would look after fucking her hard from behind.

‘’Ru- ruin me?’’ Her shaky voice reaches me and snaps me out of my trance. 

“What? You thought I was here to make you feel pretty and play house ?’’ I raise my brow. “Didn’t they teach you not to ask questions?’’ I add.

“I’m sorry. Yes, they did.’’ She looks down.

“Well, you better put it to good use. I’d hate to have to go downstairs and put a bullet in someone’s head mmmm.’’

She nods, her body trembling.  

“Dress up. Wear dark jeans, we are going out for a ride,’’ the words come out before I can stop myself.

She gives me a confused face but doesn’t ask me anything as she changes while I watch. She is mine and every part of her body belongs to me and she knows her master alright. 

We walk downstairs and enter my SUV and I drive off for an adventure she will never forget. In her world, a ride means an actual ride but in mine, it means shedding blood and that is exactly what I want her to watch me do. 

I will Kill those fuckers while she watches so that she remembers not to ever think of betraying me.

I’m a monster after all.

The dimly lit corridor of the underground bar seemed to echo my purposeful footsteps and nods of respect and shock met me as they did not expect me.  The scent of whiskey and cigar smoke hung heavy in the air, a familiar backdrop to the clandestine dealings of our world. 

As I neared the corner booth where the suspected traitor, Leo, sat, my gray eyes bore into his soul. The tension in the room was palpable, a silent warning to all who witnessed it. 

"Leo," I spoke his name with a low, dangerous calm. ‘’Sit next to me, baby girl. I want you to watch what happens when you betray me.’’ I pull Ella to sit next to me and whisper in her ears only for her to hear.

‘’If you show any tears, I will kill more than I intended. Do you understand.?’’

She looks at me with wide eyes but quickly recovers.

‘’Yes, Sir.’’ She responds with a strong voice and that makes me smile.

Leo, a man in his forties with a receding hairline and a nervous twitch in his eye, looks up with a start. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he stammered, "Boss, I... I don't know what you're talking about."

My jaw clenches in frustration, and I shoot a glance at the two imposing figures standing behind Leo. They inch closer, their presence a silent, but unmistakable, threat. 

‘’Let me help jog your memory.’’ I pick up my gun and put two bullets into the men who stood behind him and they drop with a thud. Ella flinches and lets out a scream.

‘’Oh my God, you killed them!” She squeaks. 

‘’Yes, I didn’t like how they looked at you.’’ I joke knowing very well the room is full of fear and it satisfies me.

‘’What? No, they didn’t. Oh my God!’’ She clamps her mouth as tears roll down her face.

‘’They didn’t? That's too bad. Now get yourself together before I put a bullet in another head.’’ I warn as I take out a cigarette and light it, the smoke filling my lungs making me feel good. For me, a smoke is as good as an orgasm.

Leo's eyes dart around the room, searching for an escape that he knows doesn’t exist. 

"I... I can explain. Times have been tough, and I thought..."

I cut him off with a frigid stare. "So now you remember? You thought you could betray me and get away with it?"

Leo's shoulders slumped in defeat, his voice filled with resignation. "No, I didn't. I just didn't see any other way out."

My gaze remains unwavering. "There are always other ways, Leo. But again, I guess some people can’t be helped. But I won’t kill you. I want you to live. Knowing I can take your life at any time I want and if you dare make another move I will kill and ruin everyone you love as I force you to watch.’’

‘’I’m sorry, Capi. I will obey’’

‘’Figlio di puttana’’ I spit.

‘’How could you do that so calmly, are you not scared of the police?’’ A soft voice speaks behind me and I turn.

‘’They work for me and that will be the fate of any random person when you disobey me,” I say in a dangerously low voice. 

‘’What do you mean by that?’’ She asks and anger flares through me. 

Why does she ask so many questions? What’s even strange is me answering them. When did I get so patient?

‘’Portala in macchina’,’ I instruct one of my men ignoring Ella's question as I see the restricted number that flashes on my screen making me question who it is.

I pick up and remain silent.

" Adrian Morreti, Good to finally get in contact with you. My name is Marco Bianchi."

What the hell? My blood boils but I avoid sounding affected and maintain my composure. 

"What the fuck do you want?'' I ask barely hiding my irritation.

"To discuss the terms of course," he responds like it's something everyone knows.

I will kill Mother for this. With gritted teeth, I pretend I fucking know what he is talking about.

"I'll send the time and address," I say flatly and he chuckles.

"To a restricted number?" he asks like I have grown a tail.

I half laugh as I blow out a smoke. "Clearly you have no idea who the fuck I am. Wait for the details and don't be late" I respond cutting the line. 

Picking up my car keys, I send Luca a text to meet me after he drops off Ella. 

I have a bad feeling about this. 

What mess has Mother gotten us into?

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