Chapter Seven: Toddy


I wake up in this fancy room, sunlight peeking through fancy curtains. It's a room meant for someone else, not me. Every day I’m reminded of the fact that I am a slave who does not even know her fate.

Getting someone horny only to ask them to get out is a low blow even for him. I hate him so much it pains me. Sitting up I think of what my grandparents are thinking of. Maybe I should have listened and never left. But what did that man mean when he said I was here because of them?

I borrowed that money on my own so he is a bastard for implying that they should have worked harder and not have been poor like he is in any position to judge.

They kill and kidnap women for money!

Obviously, they are bastards who do nothing but lie to mess with someone’s head.

I head to the fancy bathroom, and I turn on the faucets of the massive bathtub. The water flows, filling the room with steam and the scent of fragrant oils. As I sink into the warm embrace of the water, I can't help but think abou
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