Chapter Thirty Seven: Marry me


Without uttering a word, I move closer, my gaze never leaving hers. The air is charged with an unspoken tension, and as I reach her, I gently cup her face with my hands. The warmth of her skin beneath my touch sends shivers down my spine.

"What have you done to me?" I repeat my voice now a whisper. Camilla's eyes search mine for answers, and I lean in, capturing her lips with a slow, lingering kiss. It's a moment of passion and a load of emotions, a silent exchange of emotions that words fail to convey.

She responds, her fingers finding their way into my hair as the kiss deepens. The connection between us intensifies, the weight of unspoken desires filling the room. I pull back, just enough to look into her eyes.

"I can't stop thinking about you," I confess again, the raw honesty hanging in the air. "I want you close, Camilla. Closer than ever."

She looks at me, her expression a mix of surprise and something else, something that mirrors the uncharted territory of her own feel
The every woman

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