Chapter 17

Theme : Escapes



"Impossible!" Maximus cut him off to say

"I've seen it with my own eyes" Marcos informed him

"Kinetic abilities were only given to the first line of children born from the creator. There was only one and the first king killed her during the wars. Therefore this girl of yours is not kinetic" Maximus countered back looking at his little brother like the idiot he believed him to be.

"The creator? As in creator of all vampires?" Marcos asked confused

"Yes. Also known as the pure one" said Maximus.

Marcos scratched the back of his head. This doesn't make sense. He didn't even know the creator had a child. Hell he doesn't even know if the creator was male or female. Those events were way before his time. The only reason Maximus knew was because of their former status in the kings guard Maximus was entitled to certain information the rest of the vampire world didn't know.

No matter what the girl is Marcos

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