Chapter 19


Theme : Confused



Jace Pov

After Jace dropped Simon off last night he hadn't heard from his odd friend. All night he stayed up thinking. What did that girl say to him? It must have been bad. Simon wouldn't have fainted for any reason. Besides, Simon is perfectly healthy aside from being on the skinny side.

Jace leaned against his locker checking his phone again. Still no response from Simon.

"Hey babe" he heard directly in front of him. He didn't need to look up to know that voice. It's still in his nightmares

"Go away Kim" he said through clenched teeth. He will never forgive himself for being a coward with her.

"Aww that's no way to talk to a lady" she purred stepping closer. He could smell the alcohol on her breath. Damn, first classes haven't even started and she is already wasted. Jace shook his head stepping back from her

"What do you want?" He asked slightly annoyed by

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