Chapter 21

Theme : Tough Moments (2)



Ana Pov

This is so awkward. We all sort of just stood there staring at one another for a full minute. It might not seem like much but with the tension in the air it was excruciating.

"I'm so happy to see you!" Marie said sweetly breaking the weird silence. She engulfed me in a hug which I eagerly returned. I missed my tiny friend so much too.

"How did you guys find me here?" I asked her when we pulled apart.

"Well Marcos and Talon left to see Maximus that's when we took our chance and got out. Lucky for us most of the guards were human and not very well trained. We took out who we had to and ran. I knew you would come home so we made our way to this small town. We actually just got here and had no clue where to find you. Seb wanted to cross the woods and that's when we heard the loud music. We followed it out and here you are with him..." Marie trailed off the end bringing back the current awkward mom

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