Queen Of The Hunters

Queen Of The Hunters

By:  Kat Shaw  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Hunters. The legendary Archers of Alestari were known world wide. Many trained for years, from youth to adulthood, to be good enough to qualify to be an apprentice to the Hunters. Every year, the Hunters would travel all across the land of Alestari, searching for a single apprentice. Many hearts were crushed in this process. Because there were many years, that none were selected to train under the legendary Archers. They would travel to every kingdom, city, town, village and tribe, searching. Royalty and common folk alike revered and worshiped the Hunters, for they were the true protectors of the land. A single Hunter was as good as 20 regular Archers. But they were also known to be excellent spies, as well as swordsmen. Any weapon in the world, they knew how to use properly. Thus they were highly sought after for military purposes and occasionally mercenaries. To have a family member who was a Hunter, was the highest honor. They were treated like royalty, even by royals themselves. Whatever a Hunter said, whoever they chose as an apprentice, no one ever argued. To fight with a Hunters choice, was to eliminate any chances you had of your family becoming one. And for years, no one fought their decision. Until this year. In the kingdom of Alestari, anyone was eligible to try and become an apprentice. Anyone, but a woman. Women were forbidden to learn any kind of weaponry, especially archery. So when the King of the Hunters, chooses a woman to be an apprentice, many were angry. And they were out, to make her pay.

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Julia Nora
interesting story line! definitely will be waiting for more updates ;) is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-15 19:14:51
6 Chapters
Ch. 1: The Hunters
Caliana could hear her brothers chatting in the main room of the house, excited. The Hunters yearly search for an apprentice had begun a few weeks ago, but so far no one had been chosen. They heard the King and Queen of Asteria had chosen to pass on having one of their children enter the Hunters Competition, so the Hunters had skipped going through their kingdom, and was instead heading north, towards their village.  "They're due to arrive by nightfall Father! I'm sure I'll be the one they pick. After all, I am the best of our family." Her eldest brother Seth's voice was clearly heard as she worked in the kitchen with her mother and younger sister Cerise. Carrying three plates into the dining room, she placed them down, one in front of her father, the other two in front of Seth and second oldest brother, Sebastian. Her mother and Cerise came out with the rest of the plates, one for themselves, one for her, and one
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Ch. 2: The Feast
Caliana ran. She sped through the forest like a wraith, her form only a flitting shadow in the dusky light of the sun. Grabbing her basket of berries as she ran, she quickly followed the path home. How could she have been so foolish! She was nearly spotted by the party as she had stepped out of the trees enough to get the sight of the mountain lion, and to hit both spots to kill it as quickly and mercifully as possible. But she had no way to retrieve her arrows. And she had foolishly fired the arrows she had carved her name into. She practically signed her own death. Panting, she pressed herself against a tree to catch her breath. They wouldn't know it was her. They hadn't seen her face. They couldn't possibly know.  Relief flowed through Caliana as she realized she would be fine. The Hunters would probably take one if her brothers as their apprentice and she would be forgotten. That thought ma
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Ch. 3: The Bear
Caliana's cheek burned from the slap the man had landed on her. But what burned her worse was the fact that the Hunter's eyes had seen all of it. She felt humiliated and embarrassed. The village had been ordered not to lay a hand on the women while the Hunters were here. Yet they couldn't last a single night!  Fuming, she left the feast, knowing she wouldn't be missed, and stormed off into the forest. Only one thing could calm her anger when she was like this.  Even with the faint light of the waning crescent moon that was provided, she could see everything clearly. From the foxes running through the trees, pausing to glance at her curiously before continuing on, to the owl flying through the air, searching for any small prey running about.  She moved through the forest without m
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Ch. 4: The Contest
Warning. There will be scenes of abuse and violence, as well as threats of sexual assault in this chapter. I will mark a warning for those it may trigger to allow them to skip over it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liam carried her limp body back to the village. He had memorized the landmarks to know where to go as he had followed Caliana. On his shoulder was slung his long bow and quiver, and on his hip her quiver was secured to his belt. Her recurve bow was also over his shoulder, making him look quite odd.  He approached the village noticing the tents his men had set up in the clearing near where the feast had been held. There in the middle of the circle of tents, was a campfire, with 9 figures huddled around it. Glancing towards the bonfire pit where the feast had taken place, Liam saw only cinders and embers glowing in the night. The v
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Ch. 5: The Chosen Apprentice
Liam watched with hard eyes as Seth was brought up to him. "You shoot well." Seth beamed at the praise, and bowed. "Thank you My Lord." "Who taught you to shoot? Your marksmanship is quite impressive." Still bowing, he didn't notice the way the other Hunters hid their smiles, knowing he was stroking the boy's ego just to crush it. It was a favorite game of Liam's and often helped him determine who was truly worthy to join the Hunters.  "My father taught me the basics, but I learned the more advanced from an archery Master in the city." The boastful tone was irritating Liam's ears, but he wasn't quite finished. "I see. And what makes you think your good enough to join the Hunters?" Hiding their smirks behind their cloaks, the Hunters waited for the answer. He had obviously expected for this moment to come, and for him to be chosen, so he answered immediately. "I am the best
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Ch. 6: The Bonfire
"We will rest here tonight." Liam's voice carried down to the other riders of the party as they slowed down from the gallop they had been brutally riding at. The silence of the road made it easy for his voice to travel. They pulled their horses off the road, heading into the woods. After a few minutes of walking into the woods, they cam upon a large clearing, big enough for all of them in their party.  Everyone swiftly dismounted, except for Caliana. She was still in shock, even a few hours after having left her village. She had hardly felt the ride, too lost in her thoughts to even notice the scenery changing around her. She blinked slowly as Liam put his hand on her leg, looking at it then at him. "Come." His hands reached for her waist, and she put her hands on his shoulders, allowing him to help her off his horse.  Her feet touched the ground,
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