By:  Asmaà B.N  Completed
Language: English
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“You said you hate alphas. Do you hate me too?”“Y-yes, I do.”“You stuttered. It means that you don't hate me,” Elijah is the leader of the alpha pack, and he is the charismatic wolf whom everyone fears. Alexander is a beta living alone with his younger brother after their mother's death. A big crisis will happen in the kingdom, and all the young betas and omegas are forced to be the alpha's servants. What will happen when the charismatic alpha meets the sassy beta? And what if Elijah gets rejected by Alexander?

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I really loved ready this story... you are an amazing writer...Thank you
2021-09-07 04:27:52
user avatar
Isaac Madden
I absolutely loved your novel and have read it 3 times and still can't stop reading it you did a fantastic job ...
2021-08-03 12:57:29
user avatar
Elaina E Miller
I really like the plot of the story.
2021-07-22 09:51:34
default avatar
Anallely Espinosa
I love it thank you
2021-05-16 04:38:56
user avatar
Loved this book!!
2021-03-11 04:50:05
user avatar
Melania Ward
Loved this book. They should had at least 1 more kid. Lol
2021-03-03 18:38:37
default avatar
loved it. You will smile an cry this story is told with care. thank you to the author.
2020-11-20 11:29:09
user avatar
Irene Cleary Haslett
loving this story....
2020-10-30 11:54:31
user avatar
Irene Cleary Haslett
loving this story and I love the way they love each other so much...
2020-10-29 18:44:50
57 Chapters
In a parallel world, human beings live differently.Different laws, different systems, and also a different lifestyle.Darkya is a kingdom that doesn't appear on the world map. No more than five million people live there, and they aren't 100% human, they are werewolves.
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Alexander's POV:Now I understand why betas will never reach the alphas.Elijah's house is ten times bigger than ours. It looks more like a palace than an actual house.
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"Thank you," the chief cook said. "I need to go to the market. Will you turn on the stove for me? The master likes boiled eggs. Also, mix these ingredients and add them to the sauce."Alexander did as told. He was familiar with the ingredients he showed him. He guessed he was making a Spaghetti alla carbonara, a recipe that he made many times for him and his brother.
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Alexander woke up early as usual. He could go to bed very late and get up early anyway. Everyone was still sleeping except the cooks who were preparing breakfast for the master."Good morning chef." "Good morning Alexander." Nathaniel smiled at him. "Hungry?" "Yes, I'm very hungry, to be honest, I didn't have dinner yesterday." "Do you want me to prepare an omelette for you?" "Yes, please." Alexander smiled and sat on his chair. "You seem like the only kind person in this house." "Oh, not at all Alexander!" Nathaniel chuckled. "There are nicer people." "Like who?" "First of all, the gardener, Leo. Have you met him?"Alexander nodded."A perfect gentleman," Nathaniel smiled. "He always helps everyone inside the house. He has been working for the Williams since he was a teenager, and look at him now, a very handsome twenty-six years old.""And a flirt." Alexander rolled his eyes."He's a smooth talker, isn't he?" Nathaniel laughed. "But I can assure you, Leo is the man you wi
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"You never cooked before?!" Ian, the sous-chef, gasped when Matthew cut the egg and broke it on the counter instead of cutting the pan."No, I never did. Why? Is there a problem?" Matthew frowned."We need experienced people, so just go find yourself another thing to do in our master's house." 
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Matthew’s POV:I don’t like to wake up early. No, I hate it.If you ever wake me up while I’m having a good sleep, just prepare yourself to be on my blacklist. You’ll be my biggest enemy.
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“Hey, my friend.” Samuel was waiting for Elijah in front of the hotel.  “Hey, where are the others?”  “Inside. They are waiting for you.” 
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Alexander’s POV:I felt pain all over my body. I was dizzy and felt weak. A beautiful scent stroked my nostrils gently, which made me slowly open my eyes. I recognized the beige coloured walls from the guest room that recently became mine. I realized I was completely naked, with only a small white sheet covering my lower body.
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“Where is he?!”Elijah heard a scream coming from the hall. He left his office and headed downstairs.“What’s wrong? What’s this noise?”“Sir, someon
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“Levi, dinner is ready.” Matthew found his master staring through his room’s window, thinking deeply about something. “Levi!”The alpha jumped and looked at Matthew with surprise. His eyes were slightly red and puffy. He looked like he cried. “You called?”
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