Chapter Four.


Dylon has made quite terrible choices in his lifetime but none as bad as the one he made three days ago. Of course, he didn't feel the pain from the forks but it had ended him in a hospital which frightened his family, especially his sister who has been emotionally blackmailing him ever since. She's told him countless times how he hated her and he was left with trying to prove her wrong.

He loves his family so much but he just couldn't help these unexplainable sick feelings he constantly gets from the inside. Neither can he figure out from whence they emerged, to begin with.

He had returned home from the hospital and skipped school for two days which added to the magnitude of the entire situation.

He was a fool.

Where does his pain go if he doesn't feel them?

How long was he supposed to live like this?

He could be gravely injured and dying and he wouldn't even notice until he's dead.

That is no life.

He wanted an end to it.

The look on his mother's face when
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Mamake Sham
finally our soul mates meet..I hope it all goes well

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