Selene High

Selene High

By:  Moonlight  Ongoing
Language: English
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Florence Mil, an eighteen years old thrill-seeking teenager who's living a rebellious life happens to find life in a suicidal world named Selene High. Amazed by the newly discovered world, Florence joined the annual suicide cup event to satisfy her curiosity, and to prove to her best friend, Eula, that she's more than what she thinks she is. [A/N: The title of this book is supposedly 'Suicide High' but because of facebook censorship, I changed it into Selene High where 'Selene' means death. Enjoy reading!]

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it's good, has great plot but needs improvement.
2021-04-03 12:49:50
17 Chapters
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, businesses, and incidents are either product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.WARNING: This contains violence, depression, suicide, and self harm. If ever you're reading this, take this as a sign to give yourself a chance to see the bright side of the world :) PROLOGUE "FLORENCEEEEE!" I stepped on the gas even harder hearing Eula's scream. "This is life, Eula! Do you hear me? This is life!" I said as I let out a chuckle and speed up. I took a glance at the mirror and saw her pale face. My window is open causing m
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Chapter 1
 CHAPTER 1 "Gosh! You're so stubborn!" I grinned as I clung my arm with her.  "Stubbornly beautiful!" I added and let out a humorous laugh. She shook her head, probably having enough of my shits today. "You stink, Eula.." I said. We stopped walking as she sniffed herself. Her face turned sour as she threw a death glare at me. I just shrugged my shoulders innocently and drag myself along with her. "I'm never gonna enter your car, I swear!" She exclaimed in annoyance. I ignored her and just wandered my eyes around. Their
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2 "The Supreme Council Student is here!" A guy announced, making us all look in one direction, to the door.  His pair of cold eyes immediately landed on me. I frowned and poke Eula's arm. "Eula babe, who's that chick?" I asked. My eyes widened when my voice echoed in the four corners of the room. "What the actual fuck, Florence?!" She whispered angrily. Series of whispers and murmurs were heard, all eyes are on me. "How dare she?!" 
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3 I took a glance at myself in the mirror. Wearing my button-up white long sleeve blouse partnered with a red coat and red checkered skirt, I smirk and took my phone out.  click! It's very rare for people who know me to see me wearing this outfit, or should I say, uniform. I immediately posted it on Instagram which earned me thousands of likes from my co-racers and friends. I frowned when someone knocked on the door. "Florence? Hun?" I heard my dad's voice. The door finally opened revealing him
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4 "Line up, contenders!" I proceed to the line after hearing the speaker announced. Today will be the first day of the suicide cup, and here I am, standing like a fool. I really thought this would be thrilling. Well, we'll see. "The screen will show you the mechanics of this event. Good luck everyone!" Then a slide flashed in the huge screen in front of us. The mechanics are easy! Here are the steps, good luck!One: All of you will stay in line and wait for your turn. Two: You will enter a room where you wil
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5 The first day of the suicide cup event went smoothly. Turns out, the last contender for that day is number ten. She was able to stop the girl from jumping which earned her eight points while mine is nine.  "I wanna do something! Argh, this boredom will kill me." Eula said while rolling in my bed. What a childish witch. "I have a race today, wanna come?" I asked while dumping my racing suit in my duffle bag. Her eyes widened as she stood up. I can clearly see her through the mirror looking stupid as ever. "W-well, that's cool! Are there any hot guys out there? You know?" she asked with a silly smile. I gr
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6 "WELCOME BACK, contenders! How are you? I hope you came here well prepared because today will be much harder than the last time. But before that, let's take a peek at the leader boards." The speaker announced. Soon enough, our names and scores are can be seen on the huge screen. TOP ON LEADERBOARD: NUMBER: SCORES:1ST: FLORENCE MIL 09 - 92ND: AGATHA PEREZ 10 - 83RD: GAIL AMERSON 07 - 44TH: JENNIE LAZON 02 - 45TH: KRYLLE SU 04 - 3
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7 "PULAAAAAA!" I exclaimed and ran towards Eula's dog. Oh my gosh, how I miss this dog!  She licked my face and swung her tails, recognizing me. "Why did you brought her here?" Pula is a red retriever dog, it's a gift from Eula's ex-boyfriend. "I just thought you miss him." I motioned them to enter my house. I played with Pula for awhile while Eula is preparing some food in the kitchen.  Well, Eula was like a sister
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8 "TODAY, we have reached level three of our Suicide Cup Event. Your points will determine if you are going to stay... or be eliminated. Good luck, contenders! The Domina will show you the score board later. Relax and be prepared." Just like that, the speaker went off. I put my bottle of water down and sat on the bench.  Eula isn't here which is very odd. She didn't send me a text nor did she visit my house. I wonder where that witch went. She just have to make sure that it's important or else I'm gonna skin her alive. I took off my coat because I was sweating so much. We are currently in the big quadrangle and preparing for the game later. I rolled my eyes around and decided to text Eula. 'Witch, where are you?' I hit send and stood up from the bench. Maybe it's time for me to tour here, I never had the chance to tour this school even t
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER 9 I woke up feeling a bit odd. Something's off. "Florence? Honey?" I was surprised to hear my mom's voice. I slowly sat on my bed while frowning. What's happening? And why do I feel small?  I stood up and felt something strange. I immediately ran towards the mirror and my eyes widened when I saw my seven-year-old self.  "What the hell?!" I exclaimed. Even my voice was different. It was small. I gasp in shock when I felt someone slapped my mouth. 
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