Chapter 8


The late dinner with Tyler was awesome. In fact, the whole night with him was perfect.

He had always been great company, but tonight was special. Whether there were people around us or just us in the car, he would look at me as if I were the only one he was seeing. His eyes would always search for mine, and his hands would always brush the stray hair away from my face like he didn’t want even a single strand to block his view of me. Tyler had always been attentive to me, but not this focused that I couldn’t help but revel in it.

After dinner, we walked around the city, just checking out the crowd and the places that were still open. I showed him the direction that would lead to my university, and although he wanted me to take him there tonight, I told him I could do it some other day.

And I thought that made him happy.

“So that means I get to take you out again so we can go around the city and the places around here. Right?” He asked. We were already on our way back to w
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Kasey Brown
LMAO! Kangaroo shifters that’s a good one I can see it now
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because you love him since forever ♡♡♡
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Lisette B
omg! so pretty much she's already giving into Tyler. boring. not giving any other man a chance. pathetic! frustrating!

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