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"I TOLD YOU THERE WON'T BE LAST WARNING" his agitation increased and scars dominated his face. his claws lengthened snappily while Alex was still staring. I only felt that flashy air as Alex got pulled up. Before I knew what was happening, he had hurled him against the wall and had a hole in his chest. "I'm sorry, A-A-Alex is gone...... ****************************************** Sebastian was a mythical vampire who fell for me and was ready to devour anyone else who wants me. I died in a car crash but not even heaven or hell accepted me because I haven't completed my longevity. Lucifer, the angel of hell had arrived to take me with him because he adored me when I died. The Almighty felt like my presence would change him and his legacy so... I got reincarnated to earth as an angel. After my reincarnation, I met Sebastian, a non-ordinary vampire who wouldn't live to see me taken away by Lucifer.

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Great plot! Great ending! Caught my attention and it's a happy-sad feeling
2023-05-08 14:45:16
126 Chapters
Chapter 1
JENNY'S POV_** It was a frosty night in that dark city I cannot name. I don't know who I am, how old I am, or where I come from, as I have no memory of them. I met myself sitting naked on the floor of that street. My long, black hair was touching the floor, as I squat on my knees and folded my two arms to push them towards me. It was really cold. "What am I doing here all alone.... in this cold area?" I thought to myself still squatting down and pressing my legs against my chest to reduce the cold temperature in my body. I tried hard to remember my last moment before that time but I couldn't. I found myself trying to go through my memory but all I could reach was nothing. I was just like a clueless being with an empty brain. I looked around and saw nothing useful to me at that moment. I stood up to move my feet but I stopped as I knew something was not right. Unfortunately, I could not deduce what it was, so I kept moving. As soon as I started moving, I knew there was something li
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Chapter 2
JENNY'S POV** "would you mind?... If we are like... Checking you out? Their leader whispered in my ear but let his voice out a bit so that his men could hear. Now it's like am scared of something. I didn't say a word but my heavy breath showed them that I was really intimated. My body was shaking but I could not deduce the cause until I finally realized that it was caused by both fear and cold. Their leader touched my chin, feeling my skin downward to my coat like he was going to take it off. With anger and fear, I moved my chin away and glanced angrily at his cold fingers. He was putting on a glove that covered just some part of his hands showcasing his fingers. I checked the rest of them, their gloves covered their fingers completely. From the thought of him touching me first and his noise all the way, I knew I was not wrong about him being the leader of the gang. A guy moved from the back and drew me up by my arm. He thought I was giving their leader a tough time. He pushed me
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Chapter 3
**SEBASTIAN'S POV I am Sebastian Morgan. I've lived for many years as a mythical vampire in the small city of viles. I have black hair, pale skin, and dark eyeballs until I've gotten into something serious before my eyes turn red. I evolved behind the Appalachian Mountain and found my life so boring. More of my kind exist in the countryside but, I never met any. I think I'm more of a vampire than any other creature because I've got their speed, teeth, fangs, and red eyes. What differentiates us is that I was not born or turned, I'm good with sunlight and I could stay long without thirst for blood. I love getting involved with human businesses because they at least changed my boring life. A human even led me to meet the most exciting thing ever in my life, and that thing is.... Romance novels. I accidentally got it from a boy one day and now am obsessed with them. I enjoy reading them, especially the ones authorized by Jenny Alfred. I always wish to get the kinds of love she portr
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Chapter 4
JENNY'S POV** The morning sun shone at the window of the bedroom I was sleeping and woke me up. As soon as I opened my eyes, My body was the first thing I peeked at. I was covered with a fluffy blanket. I removed the blanket and tried to stand up quickly but I couldn't as my exhausted body still found it difficult to move. I could only help my head up while raising my chest so that I could sit on the large size bed. I glimpsed at myself again and again and said... "I knew it". "Huh"...What did you know...? A guy said from behind. "Ahh"... I shouted and turned backward as that startled me. "H-how did you get to my rare?" "I... have been behind your...." "were you.... the guy from yesterday? " I asked...facing him completely and not allowing him to answer the first question yet. "What..? The guy from when..?" He asked trying to deny it. "You are not the guy with the red eyeballs that asked me to sleep yesterday..and that I should forget about those guys..? I followed up immedia
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Chapter 5
JENNY'S POVI saw my exact image standing before me. "Woah.. " I screamed out loud as that startled me but had him in front of me within a second." What is it? " Sebastian asked as he turned to the direction I was scrutinizing at. "My.. myself.." I said, pointing at it. Soon I saw Sebastian's image appear too. He gazed at me weirdly for some time, smirking in frustration before he burst into laughter. ",Ha ha... What the...heck" he continued laughing before I calmed down after thinking the situation would be ok. "Darn! You got startled by a mirror " he said as he tried to make out his last giggle. "Ohhh..? ", I said in a questioning tone like I remembered something. The mirror was too long that it had my whole image in it. Also, I couldn't figure out if there was something in there because of how it was placed. I walked toward the mirror and peeked at myself again and again. I moved very close to it, touching the mirror like I could feel my face in it. I stretched my arm as the
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Chapter 6
JENNA'S POV* "Ohh"...The guy let out surprisingly, staring at me weirdly without attempting to look away."Uhmm, sorry", he said after peering at me for long. "I have erm.. Something to do ", he concluded as he turned to move out. "Alex," Sebastian called out his name and then he turned back. Instead of looking at Sebastian who called him, he turned peeking at me again. "meet um.... What the heck" Sebastian rumored at me after remembering he didn't know my name. "Jenny Alfred..? ", Alex uttered staring and looking away at the same time. I was surprised when he called that name because I thought all he was going to do was wait for Sebastian to introduce me. When he called it, I paused for a while, thinking I remembered something. But... since the discussion was about me, I couldn't get inside my head for long. So, I thought of going with the flow and saying yes to that name. I thought Sebastian would be ok with that before I heard him say..."No! She's not..." "She's... Ju
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Chapter 7
JENNY'S POV* "It's me," a guy said in a bold voice from outside. His voice didn't sound so Violent, so I opened the door to see who it was. Then, I met Alex again gorgeously dressed in a black suit. "Oh, you? " I said, looking at him. "Yeah... " he replied, watching me like he wanted to say something. "O...k," waiting to listen to what he had to say."I...just want to go for a stroll and... I came to ask if you would... go with me" he demanded and smiled. I was speechless in the first place, I was going to say something before...he continued... "I guess... You could be lonely so, I thought we should go together". I saw in his eyes that he was trying hard to convince me but he backed it up with smiles. "Uhh.. ok" I accepted without being able to insist. He smiles and said," alright" and then we both head out. I don't know anywhere in that city so...I humbly followed Alex to wherever he would want to go. I was walking behind Alex down the streets and everyone was giving us some we
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Chapter 8
My heart raced as I don't know how I would answer that question. "mhm.." I cleared my throat to purchase time and think of something. All these times, I was thinking of Sebastian. I knew he felt something about me but had a crush on someone else. Now I don't even know where he stands. It was already 5 minutes that I'd been in silence and I haven't answered Alex's question yet. He then started giving me some bizarre look.. to mean he was already expecting a negative answer. I looked at him and smiled, I feel nothing for him anyway. But frankly, that look he gave was going to force some false words out of me. "Umm..yeah" I enunciated. I was going to continue before we saw the waiter being shoved from the door side as she fell on the floor to land on her butt. some guys pushed their way inside the restaurant and acted all big in blue and black. The customers all abandoned their food and began to flee. "Damn! Alex gave an instant hiss and turned in the direction opposing the guys l
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Chapter 9
Sebastian Pov** I was in my room with Alex and the beautiful distinct lady whose name is yet to be known. At first, Alex thought she was the Jenny Alfred i've been longing to meet but.. She wasn't. I had to assume another name for her, well.. Maybe for the main time till she remembers who she was. Suddenly, I got a call from the king demanding that I appear in his castle. So I left the two behind to meet him. I rode in my black SUV car that I bought recently. when I got there, the keeper of the first gate quickly opens up and bowed till he could no longer see my car. I got to the second gate and the custodian did the same. Finally, it's the last gate where the main palace lies. I parked at the garage and stepped out of my car. I looked at the guards as they already bowed to greet me. I curled my head slowly to give response while I matched towards the door. I was not all good with the bows and greetings but I soon got used to it. Alas, a Viceroy as the vice king wouldn't get any de
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Chapter 10
Jenny's Pov** Some parts of my hair already changed to an unusual color. I wouldn't want to say a thing because my myriad voice could get me noticed. It's like some other part of me wants to show up while I struggled really hard to avoid the trouble.I knew I had a deal with Sebastian but I wouldn't let Alex die on my watch. The waiter was the nearest person to the door... So I gave her a signal to call for help. I didn't need help anyway, I just wanted her to leave so she wouldn't witness what was coming. Angrily, I stood up from the ground and walked gently toward them. I couldn't believe how heartless they were that they didn't even realize Alex was unconscious. The twits got too carried away by the bully that they didn't see me coming..Till I held the crime lord by the neck and moved him up to lift his two feet above the ground. "I asked you... to stop!!" I mumbled in dismay as my voice scolded him. I forcefully flung him sideways and he lobbed his waist on the adjacent furn
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