Mr CEO, I Will Do Anything For My Baby

Mr CEO, I Will Do Anything For My Baby

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Language: English
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It starts with a cringy encounter. Weird and silly, but that's what sealed their path. She believes a man like him wouldn't want a single mother. Perhaps he craves her experience in sexual activity. She felt herself to have been used and not worthy of much, but he sees her as the most beautiful existence that deserves to be loved. The love, the possessive nature of a mother for her child. His heart that couldn't stand injustice. Her revenge. His support. The quest to become the woman who wouldn't be treated as trash ever again. Their hot sex. Their aim to be one happy family after all their enemies falls… Jealousy… Join this adventure and have fun with this couple. Join my discord server:

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114 Chapters
"Can you hold Collins for a minute? Ineed to dispose of his diaper, outside." Melanie gave a pleading look toone of her colleagues, holding her one and half year old son, while a babydiaper that hadn't been wrapped properly, due to the fact that she didn't wantto just drop her son in the rest room was in her hand.  She barely let them carry him anyway, butsince she offered, the lady putting on the same uniform as Mel nodded her head,taking the baby from her.  "Thanks a bunch. I will be back in a jiffy."She said and dashed away. 
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Damn! He's the boss!
"Is…..s….. that what I'm thinking thinking it is?" He stammered."It belongs to my baby. He wasn't feeling too fine and I'm sure it wouldn't smell, since the medicine was just pushing out the fever that has….."He cuts in, "so, it's really a poop." He flashed her a glare, wondering what she's doing with that in a supermarket.He looked down at his hand, seeing the watery stain with a mixture of yellow and greenish substance there.He still couldn't believe it."Yes, it's a poop. A baby one. My baby." She said, already turned off by the fact that he wasn't interested in her story about her son being sick and just cut her off."Woman, I don't care whom it's from, but seriously….. Gosh!" He exclaimed, seeing the furious gaze she's giving him, despite being in the wrong."I can't believe we're
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He roamed about the stalls and finally decided to buy a handkerchief.
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Complete failure
The sun was at its peak and anyone who cares for their skin will definitely stay out of it, yet that doesn't seem to be a concern to these two desperate women. In a certain part of the town, Melanie was having her baby strapped to her body with a baby shawl shielding him from the sun, but Mel was exposed to it. 
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Chairman Charles
Sitting inside the living room of one of the biggest mansions built in country M, was a well built man in his late 60s.
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What to do now?
With a loud bang sound, a big almost giant door was slammed shut, with a furious looking lady gasping for air.
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Pool of her own blood
It was in the middle of the night when the door to Mel and Amy's house was forced open and here they come.
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Took the boy from her
"Oh my God! Amy!" Mel screamed and was about to dash towards her when she was held from behind. Tears pour from her eyes like a raindrop. Fortunately, Amy was shot at he
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