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Her father and her people broke him. They defiled and killed his whole family. The time has finally come for debts to be settled. Every one of the rogues will pay. There is no mercy, no one can be spared. He will have his pound of flesh. Captured, abused, and tormented, Rogue Princess Adira has secrets, secrets that can topple kingdoms. Yet still, she carries the sins of her people. She is willing to take any punishment thrown her way by the violent alpha who has come for retribution. She is his prisoner and he is her pain. Yet there is a thin line between love and hate. But how can love survive when there is so much loathing between them? How can they survive when they both crave to inflict suffering and death on themselves? Alpha Logan and Princess Adira’s story This is book 4 Book 1: The Royally Screwed Luna Book 2: The Royally Screwed Queen Book 3: The Royally Screwed Princess Book 4: The Royally Screwed Rogue

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Ashley Lietz
I love this series and can not wait for more.
2023-11-21 04:33:47
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Swarnlata Sinha
the book is completed but still showing "ongoing ".And where is the story of Vex and his alpha mate I'm waiting for it.
2023-08-19 12:10:10
31 Chapters
LOGAN‘I am going to kill them all.’I walked out of the house with just that in thought. My whole pack gathered with my tracking team ready to go. The wind whistled and blew as if fighting invisible ghosts. The trees fought back by bending back and forth excessively.The t-shirt on my body squeezed the life out of me. I folded my hands into fists, wide strides, with determination coursing through me. Too many days I had waited for this day. Too many nights I had run it through my head.I was impatient as I reached my tracking team.“Is everyone here?” There was no patience for any pleasantries. My eyes lay on Leaf who nodded his head. His upper body was on display, a pleasantry I could no longer enjoy.My eyes flickered to Cinnamon. I did not have to say a thing before she nodded her head. They all knew I was on edge and I planned to salvage that through bloodshed.“I am ready.”I nodded and strode away, leaving without any more words spoken.Footsteps suddenly pat behind me and I t
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ADIRA“Princess.”I sighed at Roselyn’s plea. The water had turned cold. I would bear through sitting in cold water than what was to come after my bath.My eyes ran to the guard that stood by the main door of the room, staring dead at me. As much as I went through this every single day I could not get used to it. A shiver took over my body and I clenched my teeth. The room had an open concept. Everything was open to view and everything was bolted or cemented down.Roselyn came with the towel held wide open for me. She tried to stand with her body to cover my rise but what was the point? Nearly every warrior in the pack had already seen my body. I swallowed the lump stuck in my throat from that thought.I pushed up, Roselyn quickly hiding my body away and I swear the guard hissed. Roselyn quickly wrapped the towel around me and it was the most decent thing I had worn in months. My stomach turned at the thought and I thought I would vomit.The water was drained away as I waited for Rose
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The screams had me hallucinating. They had me grip my head in an attempt to keep them out but they pushed through. I did not want to look but I kept going to the window and all I saw was red.The foreign wolves had moved from my section of the view. Just a few minutes and they were done outside.I could hear them ransack the castle. I could hear them drag all that were hidden.Mothers begged and the children cried. I could hear the men roar in their last attempt to keep their heads and balls. My feet carried me around the room by my command. I paced to the point where I thought my feet were bleeding then I stopped all at once. My chain was making noise as I dragged it back and forth.I hunched down, my eyes wrecking all through the room for a place to hide yet once again I found none. There were no weapons, no place to find solitude. I was in the open with the door being the only thing that would keep me from them.I rocked back and forth right under the window seat. My hair rocked wi
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“Cut her loose.” The words were like weapons themselves. Fear drilled in from his voice. Cold and deadly.The men did not waste time. They looked around just as the man let go of my neck. He stood up, hearing him walk out of the room to the next.Pain pulled me from the empty space he had occupied. I turned my head to see the men tugging hard on the chain but it did not budge.“We can break her foot.”“Wouldn’t work. The chain is too tight. I doubt she even has skin there.”They tugged again then began slamming the chain over and over with no success.“It’s not working alpha!”The sentence pulled the man who had left back into the room.“Then cut her foot.” The alpha snapped and I sucked in a breath. I squeezed my eyes hard and let the chill run down my body.I deserve this, I told myself. Not even that was enough to take the horror away from the words that had just been spoken so casually. Even the three other men stopped in shock.“What if she is chained and locked in here for a rea
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The women did not have to be told twice as they ran to the forest where I pointed. Any free woman picked a child even if they weren’t theirs and began running with everything they had. The screams and cries of children echoed and it took a second for the foreign men to realize what was happening “Princess!” “Princess!” “Princess!” The men, our men, roared for me to free them. “Princess!” The foreign men ran after the women, screaming orders. I took my stance, more coming from the castle and from the other side of the forests. “Princess!” It was chaos. “Pioitutuyo!” I screamed, my arms waving through the air and a handful of the foreign men near collapsed down. “Pioitutuyo!” I screamed again with another wave of them collapsing. “Princess!” Our warriors roared with such anger, needing to be free. They were riled up, tugging and pulling on their chains but those chains were not budging. A whole group of the foreign men were running my way. I turned, leaping away in a run.
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Wind, cold wind. A cry pulled from me as I came back to consciousness. There was too much wind and I could not breathe. The tears escaped even before I opened my eyes. My body was sore all over. It felt as if it had been thrown into a large river with a strong current. I was bouncing up and down. Each movement sent a thousand jolts of pain washing over my being. I turned pale. My eyes forcefully opened by every will I had in me. Silver-blue hair was all I saw and I knew where I was and where I was going. I was a prisoner of war and I would answer. He ran so fast I could not even get a glimpse of the ground. It was blurry, sending my mind into a drowsy spell. My stomach turned and I knew I would be sick. My hands held tighter onto the alpha, burying my head deeper in him. My eyes closed and I took in his heat to warm myself. His heart drummed so hard it would rip as he ate the distance with nothing but anger his fuel. It was the core of him. Everything he did was fuelled by it. S
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My body was not built as the others. The cold just froze my bones. My toes and fingers were blue. No one else was in the cells. It was dark and silent. My arms were wrapped around my legs, my head on my knees until I heard footsteps a few hours later. I tipped my head up. The alpha stopped, staring at the open cell door then at me. He walked past it to me and I braced myself for impact. His hand wrapped around my hair and he tugged. I quickly scrambled up and stumbled after him as he dragged. His intent seemed to be to rip my hair off. My hands moved up by instinct but I caught myself and lowered them back down. My nails dug into my skin to divert the pain but it did not help. The floor was dirty, collecting so much dirt, with my feet left brown. Light shone through and nearly blinded me. He tugged once again, pulling a painful yelp from me. As silent as everyone was, I knew there were thousands of people watching. My skin itched from their eyes as the alpha dragged me from the ce
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None of the men from my kingdom made a single sound as they ushered them toward the cells in a long line. They bowed their heads in submission and defeat. The night was silent as if the screams had chased away any life nearby. My eyes moved from the men to the alpha who stood by himself. He moved to collect water in a bucket and poured it all over the chopping block. The blood mixed with the water, falling away. He took the bucket filled with all the organs and took them to the cells where he left them for the men to see their flesh rot away. He walked out, fetching this and that. He scrubbed the chopping block clean then straightened up. I turned my head, seeing the large pack house where chatter was coming from. The lights were all on and I was sure they were having dinner. My eyes trailed back to the alpha as he walked to me. Blood was all that covered every inch of his skin. I should have shifted away from how scary he looked but I myself was defeated. My shoulders hung low an
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Sleep would have been my redemption but I had finally escaped my demons, I did not want to see them ever again. “No pioitutuyo.” I cast out, a hitch in my breath as the spell took effect. I counted each second as the clock in my head ticked away. I drew the moon and saw it move across the sky until I got tired. Nothing could distract me from the pain nor the cold. My teeth chattered, and my nose was congested. My eyes were teary with a headache tearing through my brain but somehow, I bore through the hours. A sound pulled my brain from the gutter it had fallen in. I raised my head up, staring at the darkness but nothing came. I looked away only to be pulled back with the sound getting louder. It felt like a cry. I tried to get a much clear listen but my ears were practically useless at that point. My curiosity nearly got the best of me but I shook my head and leaned my cheek on the cool toilet. The sound got louder and louder until the screams were clear to me. My night turned fro
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The house shook as a roar tore through then a door slammed. From there nothing but clutter filled the house. I heard things break, Alpha Logan smashing everything with groans of anger pouring from him until it all stopped. My body shrank and I wrapped my arms around my body as the silence stretched. I did not know where he was then suddenly he was all I could hear. He thundered up the steps until he walked through the door. His eyes found me and he did not even have to speak. I quickly rushed forward, expecting anything. He turned from my approach and rushed down the steps. He was walking so fast which left me running. The front door was thrown open with force. I closed it after and ran behind him. On his hand was a large container that seemed to be carrying a certain liquid. All parted ways or changed direction as soon as they saw him. No one could blame them, Alpha Logan was burning red in fury. The pack warriors were training at some part of the pack. I could hear them roar loud
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