The Alpha's Demon Beta

The Alpha's Demon Beta

By:  Veliciah  Ongoing
Language: English
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[How do you avoid the darkly handsome Beta that wants to... eat you?] Camilla: I was sent to Alpha Jackal’s mansion to pay off my foster parent’s debt. It wasn’t something I feared until I learned that Rin, the pack's Beta, is a powerful demon. Now I'm stuck under the same roof as Rin, and there is no chance of avoiding him. I wish I could. Why? Because a demon murdered my parents in cold blood. I fear Rin. Demons are monstrous, which is why it must be one of life's cruel jokes to have inserted Rin into my life. Rin: I should stay away from the new housekeeper, but how could I possibly keep away from the seductive she-wolf? She is gorgeous, and my Alpha would punish me if he knew badly I wanted her to sit on my face, squirming and moaning my name. He can never know the truth, especially not since he seems interested in her too.

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Nancy Reed
Is this ever gonna be updated? Just wondering :)
2023-08-28 07:49:13
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Nancy Reed
I have read this up to the last update and patiently waiting for more
2023-07-21 22:07:15
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Casey Torralba
yay!!! you are by far one of my favorite authors!!! Can't wait to read this one!!
2023-03-18 13:17:33
user avatar
Xuan Chapa
Yeah!! Another book. I love all your books.
2023-03-17 14:58:33
14 Chapters
Chapter 1
CamillaWhen I was a baby, my parents were brutally murdered by a demon. I never had the chance to talk to them or learn to get to know them, yet the memories of that night still burn in my mind like an ever-flickering flame.The red eyes of the demon, the screams, and the smell of blood: I remember everything even though I was only a baby, and this happened eighteen years ago.I wish I could forget, but I can’t. My parents were taken from me by a force so dark and malevolent I shudder at just the thought of it.I don’t understand how or why I survived. I’m nothing special. My wolf hasn’t even awakened yet. I’m a weakling, yet I’m the only person who is still alive in my family.I live with my two foster parents... or I was until this morning. My foster parents have decided to sell me to our pack’s Alpha, Jackal, to pay off their debt, and if I can’t show myself useful to him, I will be thrown out on the street. Because of this, my heart won’t stop pounding. I’m uncomfortable and nerv
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Chapter 2
CamillaTears blur my vision as Nadja snips away my silver locks, not seeming to care about the unevenness or the way I’m biting down on my lip in apprehension. Every cut feels like an unsalvageable mistake, and I want to cry out, but no words leave my mouth. When she is done, all that remains is a reflection of me that I hardly recognize.I look hideous.“Much better,” Nadja remarks, her eyes meeting mine in the reflection. Her gaze is dark and eerily intense. “Now you resemble a housekeeper instead of someone trying to look pretty. The ladies who work here don’t have long, glimmering locks like that.”I try to hold back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes, but they betray me and slide down my cheeks anyway. Nadja is unforgiving and cold, and I realize I’m not safe here. I’m trapped in this secluded mansion, far away from civilization, and I have no way out. My only hope is to play along and try to earn Nadja’s trust and find a place here.Maybe respect will come later?“Thank
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Chapter 3
Rin“You’re useless!”My master slaps me across my face, and like always, I take it without defending myself. Not because I like being beaten but because I can’t defy the master of the contract. Alpha Jackal owns me, and even though I would love to cut off his head, there is nothing I can do about my situation.“I can’t believe you wandered into my throne room without permission earlier!” Alpha Jackal grabs my chin and attempts to pull me down to his eye level. I let him because I don’t have a death wish, and he grits his teeth in my face. “And then you spoke freely to that werewolf woman in front of all of my men. Do you realize how weak that made me look? My demon slave spoke out of turn—that shouldn’t happen!”Alpha Jackal’s fist comes flying toward my face, and since I’m his slave and pet, I let him beat me. I mask my emotions, something I’m good at, which only seems to piss off Alpha Jackal further. Rage contorts his face: his lips draw back from his teeth, his eyes widen, and hi
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Chapter 4
CamillaSeven days have passed since I started working at Alpha Jackal’s mansion. I quite enjoy it here. Nancy hasn’t bothered me ever since I told her it was the Alpha’s decision to regrow my hair. She is a witch, but I’ve made plenty of friends in the kitchen while working under Fran.It’s no wonder.Most of my time is spent with Fran in the kitchen, but I also take on the responsibility of cleaning the restrooms. For both tasks, I always carry a smile, and because of it, the girls working in the kitchen felt at ease opening up to me. I’m good friends with two of them: Lana and Sammy.We gossip all the time, and our newest thing to talk about is my crush on the new chef assistant: Bobby.He is such a cute guy: red hair and freckles. He is thin, yet tall, with a slender build, as if he spends most of his time reading. He also has this accent that I can’t place, but it makes me warm to hear it.My experience of working for Alpha Jackal hasn’t been too bad. He is not the nicest guy aro
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Chapter 5
CamillaAfter my shift is over, I walk out of Alpha Jackal’s mansion with the other servants. The doorman nods and smiles at me as he holds open the door to the courtyard. A cold wind blows in, and goosebumps prickle over my exposed skin. My jacket doesn’t cover my neck, and even though it’s summer, it’s a chilly night.I press my hands together, rubbing them. “Cold, isn’t it?” I ask Lana and Sammy.“Yeah,” Sammy replies. She doesn’t live in the apartments behind the mansion and fishes up a car key from her little pink purse. “I’m so glad I brought my car.”“Lucky you...” Lana remarks before suddenly poking her elbow into my side. When I look at her, she wiggles her eyebrows up and down at me, and I can’t stop smiling when I realize who she is telling me to look at.Bobby is standing further away, entirely alone. His lanky frame is practically getting eaten by his huge gray winter jacket. Red hair sticks out from underneath his hat, and his freckled nose is already red from the cold.
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Chapter 6
CamillaThe date with Bobby is awkward. We are sitting at a table, and I’ve barely said a single word. Bobby is the only one talking. Are dates supposed to be this one-sided?I can’t help but compare him to Rin, who always exudes an air of confidence and control. Bobby is nice, but he lacks the commanding presence that Rin has.“And then Alpha Jackal asked if I could serve him his tea in his special room...”I smile, but in reality, I’m barely listening. Bobby keeps talking about his job, his hobbies, and his family, but I can’t focus. My mind keeps drifting back to Rin, to how he made me feel with just a look and a simple touch. I try to push the thoughts away, but they keep resurfacing.Bobby finally notices my lack of engagement and clears his throat. “Is everything okay, Cam?”His freckled, boyish face is really adorable, but when he reaches for my hands, I pull away. His eyes widen, but I quickly smile, trying to be polite. “Yeah, sorry, just a little distracted.”“You seem tense
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Chapter 7
Camilla Even though Rin just saved my life, I can’t stop shaking as I take in his hulking form. Why do demons have to be so large and intimidating? Dread settles like lead in my stomach when Rin approaches me. I’ve feared demons ever since the day I was born. My parents were murdered by one, and now Rin wants to carry me home—the idea of touching his purple skin and being up close and personal with him makes me want to scream. “Camilla?” His voice is smooth like velvet. “Let me take you home. You’re freezing.” No. I don’t want to go anywhere with Rin! I gulp as he comes closer. His pants look like shorts after his transformation, and the rest of his tattered clothes are on the ground. He is too big for them now. “Come with me.” I don’t dare to look up at him. “I...I can’t.” “Why not?” I look up and see a frown on his face, and it makes me feel worse. This man had just killed the vampires, for my sake. He saved my life, and I’m... So damn afraid of him. “I can’t...I can’t t
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Chapter 8
CamillaMy gaze is locked with my reflection in terror. The laughter of a menacingly familiar voice echoes inside my head, sending shivers down my spine. I know the truth even without having it confirmed—this is the work of the demon that took my parents’ lives. The messages on the mirror are his sinister way of warning me, and I know that this time he won’t let me get away. He has come back to end what he didn’t finish eighteen years ago. I shiver as I move around in my apartment. There is an eerie feeling gripping me. I don’t feel safe here, and before I know it, I’ve thrown myself out into the night. I march down the stairs and bang on Lana’s door. Three seconds later, the door opens, and my friend glares at me with her gothic makeup smudged around her eyes. “What is it?” Her voice is hoarse and heavy with sleep. “Why are you here so early? You should be sleeping.”I push past her and step inside her dimly lit apartment. “I can’t sleep,” I say, my voice trembling. “He is back. Th
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Chapter 9
Camilla The wind is blowing in my hair, and my heart is pounding, but I can’t tell whether it’s from excitement or fear. Rin is holding my hand, and I look up at his face, surprised to find a smile on his usually cold lips. My heart flutters, but I need to stop this madness! “Rin!” I shout. “I can’t just leave Alpha Jackal’s mansion for a drink, I have work to do!” And I’m going to be in so much trouble if I let Rin whisk me away. Rin laughs. “What happened to the adventurous sunshine girl that I met on the first day?” “She realized she had responsibilities if she wanted to take her next living breath!” Dimples form around Rin’s mouth when he stops to look down at me, our hands still locked together. “Alpha Jackal doesn’t have to find out about this. Live a little, princess.” My cheeks flutter. “A new nickname?” He breathes a laugh. “Pet didn’t suit the moment.” I pout and take him in. Rin is truly gorgeous and so dangerous because I find myself wanting to get to know him bett
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Chapter 10
Camilla“You have to borrow one of my dresses for your date with Rin!” Sammy is panicking and pacing inside Lana’s apartment. “Lana’s clothes are too gothic, and you need something special. Something blue that will make your silver hair pop out!”I bite my lip nervously, feeling a knot form in my stomach. “I don’t know, Sammy. I’m not really good with dresses.”“Nonsense!” Lana interrupts as she swans into the living room to join us. There is a smirk on her lips. “I have the perfect red dress for you. Come with me.”I follow Lana to her room, feeling uneasy about the whole situation. I’ve never been on a date with someone like Rin before, let alone worn a dress. But Lana seems to know what she’s doing, so I trust her.“Here it is,” Lana says, holding up a stunning red dress. “This will look amazing on you, trust me. And I even have some heels that will go perfectly with it.”I nod, feeling my heart rate increase. I’ve never worn anything like this before. “Okay...” I say, letting out
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