14-Arriving at Golden Moon

Emmett’s POV.

I’m driving to Blood Moon in my baby girl, with Luca sleeping in the passenger seat.

The last three days have been interesting. James and Luca have been working on the transition, so I only see Luca at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed.

Erin has been keeping me busy with her duties. She runs the operations of the pack like a corporation. She has the head warrior do all the training schedules, the head cook does the Packhouse and cafe menus, the head housekeeper manages the Omegas, the hospital is run by the packs retired doctor, the school by the former headmaster, the airport by a trusted friend, and the pack Infrastructure by several people. All of them report daily to Erin, who makes final decisions. She also holds civil court, to handle minor disputes between neighbors, mates, and former mates. Yes, even werewolves can get a ‘divorce’, it’s just not common. How she does it, I hope to learn. In six weeks, it will be all me! Holy shit, in six weeks, I will be Lun
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