5-A Battle of Epic Proportions

Emmett’s POV

“So let me get this straight, Shay is spelled, and her mate is going to kill the son of the wolf responsible, but we are going to defend her pack, in the human realm, with 30 Blood Moon warriors, all of us and Luca Lopez?” Edward asks, very annoyed. “Wouldn’t be easier to just give Shay to this Felix guy?”

“Edward!” My father yells. “She is your cousin!”

“Uncle Liam, I love you, you know that. If it was any other of your daughters, I would be leading the charge, but it’s Shay. How do we know it’s a spell and not just Shay’s wondering eye? Let’s be honest, none of us expect her to be loyal to one man forever.”

“A witch, and the goddess, confirmed it’s a spell,” Uncle Liam tells us.

“Fine, but are we sure we want to take Emmett and Luca? They are young and just got their wolves. They might be a liability, rather than an asset.” Edward continues to argue.

“Emmett has his wolf and took Ike down in training,” Uncle Nic defends me. “And Sam said Luca is good.”

“He went round after round with Alpha James, and held his own,” Sam nods.

“I disagree with them being in the battlefield. If I bury my little brother, someone in this room will answer for it,” Edward stands up. He is an Alpha and a commanding one at that. The elder Alphas all nod.

“Thanks bro, didn’t know you loved me so much!” I smile at him, as we start to load up.

“Just be careful,” Edward says.

“Alpha Emmett,” I hear Kurt call me. He is sporting a nice new mark, but a very worried expression.

“You can still call me Emmett,” I smile at him. His mate isn’t far behind him and looks concerned.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kurt asks me, in hushed tones.

“What I’m supposed to do. Don’t worry, your mate will be by your side,” I tell him.

Kurt looks scared, “you disappeared yesterday, before we could talk.”

“No need to talk, you found your mate, we are good. Nothing to worry about.” I nod to Kurt’s mate and to Kurt, before getting in the car.

“Sucks when you like someone and they find their mate,” Sam says.

“All good bro, I’m sure I’ll find my mate soon. She is going to be amazing,” I smile.

“Always so sure it will be a 'she', huh,” Ike laughs.

“Alphas aren’t gay. I'm bi, I get that, but my mate will be a shewolf.”

When we get to the portal, we meet the warriors from Blood Moon, forty warriors from Mountain Peak and sixty from Blue Mountain are already with the Southern Crescent Pack, under the command of Shay and Sara’s mate, Thomas Sheen. We have the 30 warriors from Blood Moon, Uncles Liam, Nic, Luke, my dad, cousins, Sam and Ike, and my brother Edward.

I'm talking to a Blood Moon Warrior, when my wolf takes over.

When I come out of haze, I’m in the arms a tall, dark and handsome man. Short, black hair, broad chest, deep, brown eyes, and a shocked expression. Holy, shit! It’s a male! My mate is a male Alpha Wolf! Alpha wolves aren’t gay!

“What the fuck! I’m not gay!” My mate and I say together.

“Apparently, you are,” Uncle Liam chuckles.

Dad walks up and slaps my mate's shoulder, “Welcome to the family.”

Luca Lopez is my mate. Fuck in hell! He has screwed Shay, multiple times. Well, it was bound to happen, that someone in the family was going to mate to a fuck buddy of Shay's. I just always thought it would be one of her sisters, not me.

People are talking, but I’m admiring my mate. He is extremely good looking.

I hear someone say "separate them" making me come back to the group and grab my mate.

“Hell, no,” I say, grabbing his arm. “We are both trained. We can fight side by side.”

He narrows his eyes and look at me. “Hi there, not sure about this, yet; wanna give me a little space?”

Everyone looks at us, questioningly. I can’t help but feel crushed. My mate doesn’t want me.

“Luca, what’s wrong?” His Beta asks.

“I'm just, fifteen minutes ago, I was fantasizing about his cousin.” My mate looks very uncomfortable.

“Which one?” I assume Shay, but I could be wrong.

Luca looks directly to my eyes, “conversation for private.”

“Okay, well you two hang back, we have time. Cliff and Cullen hang between us and them, so they don’t fall too far behind. You two talk,” Uncle Liam says.

Luca and I stand, looking at each other and lower our voices. Werewolves have spectacular hearing, and we want to have a private conversation.

“Look, I’m not gay, or I didn’t think I was, but if the moon goddess thinks we belong together.” I state.

“I’ve slept with your cousin, Shay, on multiple occasions,” Luca says, dryly.

“I’m aware,” I match his tone and demeanor.

“No issue with that?”

“Shay’s a slut, no secret,” I state the facts.

“And, the fact that neither of us has considered we might be gay?” He is looking shocked.

I frown my brows. I always knew I was at least bi, “You really never considered the possibility?”

He’s very attractive, I want to kiss him again.

“Ok, honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m bi,” He admits.

“Me too, but I guess,” we looked into each other’s eyes. “So, we accept this?”

“You are Luna,” He says, closing the distance between us.

I look at him considering his words. Yeah, I guess I am Luna. Better talk to Aunt Claire. But, I need to play a little hard to get, “We’ll see about that.”

Our second kiss is purposeful. His lips locked to mine. As we deepen the kiss, we are both turned on.

“As soon as this is over, we aren’t leaving our bedroom, until we figure it all out,” I say, pulling away just enough to talk.

“Yeah, I kinda want to get back to my packhouse now,” He responds, kissing my neck. I’m hard as a rock and I want to pleasure him, I want him to pleasure me.

“Keep doing that and we are going to mate right here in the woods,” I throw my head back, so Luca can kiss more.

“Tell me to stop.” He breathes, into my neck.

“No,” I moan. “I always planned on making love to my mate, within ten minutes of meeting them. Kind of a fantasy of mine. Sweeping my mate away and marking immediately.”

“We both deserve better than fucking behind a tree, but under the circumstances,” He dives into my shorts and grabs my dick. Fuck, he knows what he is doing. I can’t be showed up by a man who has never handled anyone’s dick, but his own.

I grab him and earn a moan, as I give him even strokes. I use my free hand, to sightly pull his hair and capture his lips. When I feel him start to pulse in my hand and his moans grow louder, I pull from his lips and bite into his marking spot. He takes his chance and does the same. Causing me to tighten my grip on his dick, as he covered my hand.

“Best ever, baby,” he breathes, as we pull away and look into each other’s eyes.

“That was fast,” Luca’s Beta comments shocked. “From ‘I’m not gay’ to marked in forty-five minutes.”

“Yeah, kinda lost control,” I say, dreaming of a few hours from now when I’ll be skin to skin with my mate.

“This is not going to be easy if one of you gets hurt,” Dad reminds us. “Remember your training and focus on the battle in front of you, not the mate near you.”

We nod. We catch up with the rest of the group. Edward is the first to notice our marks.

“Future Alpha Emmett Wallace of Mountain Peak,” Edward says, as everyone looks at us.

“Mated and Marked first,” Uncle Nic nods. “Our next Alpha.”

“No, he is coming to Sliver Creek,” Luca corrects them, pulling me possessively, which makes me smile. “Mountain Peak has other heirs. I’m it for my father’s line at Silver Creek.”

I nod and smile at my family.

Uncle Nic considers for a moment, then nods. He’s about to speak, when Alpha Liam gets a mindlink.

“Dark Crescent is camped a mile away. Southern Crescent is ready to go, when we are,” Uncle Liam tells us. “Let’s shift and leave our clothes here.”

I squeeze Luca’s hand and then we lean in for one more kiss. I never considered it would be our last.

I see my mate run toward a chanting witch. I’m drawn into battle and can’t get to him. When I finally do, he is dying fast. I shift, so my wolf can heal him. But we don’t know if it’s enough.

I lay my mate on a bed in the hospital. My dad pulls me away.

“Let them do their work, son.”

“Dad, I just got him. I, just for a moment, I had him.”

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