I picked my phone up from the other seat and smiled while I looked at the screen. I answered the call and put the device against my ear.

"What were you even thinking? Do you take me for a fool? You are not going to come home. That's it. I won't let you. And if you are already around our street, then sorry to inform you, we don't have any food to offer you. Until next time. But you are not coming here. Not even in my dreams. Nor in your-"

"Sapphire, Breathe."

"I am-"

"Your sister seemed rather too excited to have me join you."

"Yeah, she has this hospitality for dogs. She seriously adopted a dozen of them-"

"Did you just say I am a-"

"Dog? Yes."

"You don't know who you're messing with, kitten."

"Honestly, I am sick of your endearments. And if you intended to intimidate me, then sorry, I am not worried about what you're capable of."

"You know what I am capable of, pretty girl. You know I am coming over tonight, right? I can do anything."

"And you thought I'd let you do t
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