The Billionaire Rebel and The Angel (Alexander's Crave)

The Billionaire Rebel and The Angel (Alexander's Crave)

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She is not the Angel he thinks she is; Alexander Clifford thinks he is marrying an Innocent blue-eyed half-caste Angel, Catherine Kent, but he has no idea that a firecracker lies beneath her innocent cover. Alexander Clifford is a rebel, disregarded by his family but when his grandfather, Arthur Clifford, and his elder brother, Harry, who was groomed by his grandfather to inherit the empire, dies mysteriously, he has to abandon his reckless lifestyle to become the new heir to the Clifford empire and take a wife. Catherine Kent comes from a family where a girl's only ambition is to marry and be an obedient wife, but she craves adventure and wild fantasies. She was betrothed to Harry, but his sudden death leaves her with two options: return home to a life she dreads or accept Alexander’s cold and emotionless marriage contract. What happens when Alexander discovers Catherine's wild side? What happens when two firecrackers meet? Who will burn out? With many obstacles and oppositions, Will Alexander prove his grandfather wrong and run the Empire better than Harry would have or will he crash the empire to the ground? Will Catherine tame the rebel inside him and remain by his side or will he return to his life of lonely rebellion? Read to find out!

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Mmeri Kelechi Ajagha
I love how the story flows, easy to flow with
2024-07-10 01:21:25
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Mmeri Kelechi Ajagha
It’s interesting, engaging and intriguing.
2024-07-10 01:20:38
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Alexander’s POVShe scooted into my office in a velvet Tea length Challis, spaghetti strap dress, classic cleavage, a little glimpse of her C-cup, not too much. Expected. Hemline grazing her mid-calf, my eyes scroll up to her wasp waist, could fit in my two hands perfectly, tempting. My eyes shift back to her face. Her blue eyes evident, almost out of her half caste face, long sharp nose and supple lips. Kissable. Full black hair, long and tousled, shielded the sides of her face. My eyes cruise down her legs; slender, smooth, running down to a nude Suede ankle strap sandals, exposing glossy, trimmed, curved toenails. Her slender arms dangled freely at her sides. She was drop dead gorgeous, if I was into a fucking angel but I am NOT. I conclude my quick assessment of her petite frame. She’ll do. A pretty little obedient wife to continue the Clifford lineage.One hand up, I gesture her to sit, my eyes following her footsteps, something suavy about it. Something almost appealing.I stre
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CHAPTER TWO: The Contract
Alexander’s POVShe let up her eyes, it’s just a little bit wet. Don’t cry Angel. I hate that too.She’s nibbling on her lips again, her unintentional seductive jab. Stop nibbling angel. Do you have any idea the damage you’re causing, the trouble you’re calling?“I have…a lot of concerns” A bit of struggle in her tone.“Oh…Please share” I shrug, unmoved. She swallows. Her lips move first, exposing red tongue. Crimson red like she had just had a lollipop . Damn, the things I could do with it.“Number 1” Her soft voice interrupts my mind savagery.Masking my dirty thoughts, I anchor my devouring gaze on her. “Yes” Waiting.“No expectations of companionship?” Her eyes take mine, gauging them.“Yes” I rasp, almost flipping.Her eyes fall again. “No expectations of romance?” They snap, nearly bulging out, her voice trips.“Yes” I rasp again, ignoring her fast shifting emotions.“No expectations of passion…no expectations of loyalty…you could keep a concubine and I am not to complain?” Her
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CHAPTER THREE: Before The Meet
Catherine’s POV His sand brown hair settled perfectly in a classic side part; soft and sleek, well-groomed, slightly darker brows and trimmed lashes that matched his short stubble beards. Sparse freckles lined his under eyes, nose straight and pointed, thin lips sliced to form a dominant smile,exposing snow white teeth; His broad arms spread in his Oxford suit and tapered pants cuddled his firm calves, Damn, he looked delicious; I purred, as my eyes paraded the large sized portrait picture of Harry Clifford hanging in the Clifford mansion. A mixture of dominance and sex exuded; just like I pictured in my fantasies; a white fantasy God, perfect for resurrecting my stowed dangerous fantasies and lighting a spark in my pathetically boring life. My teeth dug into my lip, shamelessly tearing at the black cast portrait. Dominic Kent had insisted I marry, he put his foot down and bullied me to submission. He wasn’t in love with the Cliffords, he was in love with the Cliffords money;
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CHAPTER FOUR: The Clifford Constitution
Alexander’s POV Harry Clifford, the chosen brother, the best of the Clifford genes, loved, celebrated, doted on, the child everyone wanted and me neglected, ignored, overlooked, not his worthy opponent, not his second, not even his spare but invisible. Harry Clifford, now hanging on the wall, nothing but a fucking portrait on the wall. Obliterated from the world. I blow a huff, digesting the giant portrait of my brother in his favorite place at the Clifford Manor. The boring, dandy, depressing study, an empty room of books and echoes. I often wondered why he loved this place so much and now I wonder what it will be without him. I had taken the next flight out of Spain back to Sussex; leaving Olivia to simmer in the Clifford Manor, until I was well away. We couldn’t have anyone finding out about our affair, especially not fresh after her husband’s death; people would crucify us, Olivia more than me. Not that I cared for people’s gossip but Olivia definitely needed a breather, so be
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CHAPTER FIVE: My Brother's Intended
Alexander’s POV “Are you making this shit up?” I tackle him, walking him over with crude eyes. He shakes his head. “The constitution exists, all three hundred pages of it. I can have it sent up right now” He appears serious. My blood heats up another degree, my veins feel like they could pop out from my skin. Three hundred fucking pages of disaster about to ruin my life. No freaking way. Simon continues amidst the chaos in my head. “And the union has to make a year for it to be acknowledged or you would be removed as Clifford’s forerunner immediately and then Clifford Empire would….” “Shut up…shut up…shut up” I nearly want to bite his head off but he saves himself with a swift retreat. I drag my feet. “This is bullshit…bullshit…bullshit” “Alexander I don’t believe it would be hard to find a happy Mrs. Clifford. There would be at least a thousand offers, you have nothing to worry about” “So what the hell am I supposed to do now?” Now that the fucking constitution has me fuc
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CHAPTER SIX: Mrs. Clifford
Catherine’s POV How could someone be so beautiful? dark eyes glistened under very relaxed black brows. His medium length mid-brown hair tucked behind his ears, slightly parted at its corner. His hawk nose pointed to his thick lips, red, like it had color in it. full, they looked so skilled, like they had done a lot of kissing, perfect for fantasizing. His chiseled jaw hosted his perfectly carved stubble. I imagine running my fingers through. My teeth biting into my lower lip, lusting dangerously. His eyes had a fire, like it was on a hunt, I got the sense it was always that way. My eyes did a full walk over his 6 foot 5 inches of biceps and calves cuddled by a lazy black polo shirt winged by a leather jacket; the kind only bad boys wore. A walking fantasy, a proper fantasy God, I moan inwardly. Catherine Kent! Stop lusting, his brother just died; your intended just died, behave yourself. My eyes fall to his long legs kissed by tight black jeans. Damn I wish I were the pants. I
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CHAPTER SEVEN: Rebel Of Sussex
Alexander’s POV “Is it true?…” Olivia blazes into Harry’s study, wearing a scowl. She crosses her arms over her chest, adjusting her weight on one hip. “You’re really taking a wife? The news is all over the Manor” She ensues, anger flashing in her feline eyes. My eyes cruise her figure, walking up her black, high waisted, split hem mini skirt, her snatched waist holding her tucked shirt and her famous push-up cleavage standing out. Her high cheek bones jut upwards, clenched jaw and burgundy lips pointing forward. Her fuming anger makes her even more inviting, stroking my appetite for her. I already know the reason for her infested mood, Catherine Kent. I draw closer to her. “It’s the fucking Clifford constitution” “And since when does the rebel of Sussex care about a fucking constitution…much less, Clifford’s?” She flares, taking my eyes fiercely. “I don’t… I guess I am just not pathetic enough to let Clifford Empire dissipate into thin air or maybe I just want to piss on A
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Alexander’s POV The burial ceremony commenced with hymns from the choir and sermons from the priest. I was seated at the front row seat of the two way funeral arrangement with Arthur’s widow by my side. Partners, friends, dignitaries from all around the world spread out around me. Arthur Clifford was a powerful man and everyone wanted to pay their last respect. Stop! I yell inwardly as sympathetic gawks track me; concoctions of pity, gross care and attention flood my direction. Where were they when I needed them?. No one saw invisible Alexander, until now when my grandfather and beloved brother lay lifeless on the ground, I finally get a little bit of attention. Well guess what? Alexander Clifford does not need it, he outgrew it, he survived without it, he can do without it. Simon was delivering the Eulogy of my grandfather and brother and as I listened, it dawned on me why I refused to deliver it in the first place. I couldn’t speak of a love that I neither showed nor received
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Alexander’s POV “Alexander…” A crusty voice calls from behind me. I summarize one felicitation and turn to the other. It’s uncle Richard; Daddy’s younger brother. “Or should I say Rebel of Sussex” His lips slice with a smile. “Uncle Richard” I give a half-suppressed laugh. It’s been a while since I have seen him. My fault anyway. I was mostly a ghost around these parts. “I am so sorry Alexander” He cups a hug, about fifty seconds long. I almost yank him off me but he saves himself, letting me go. “Olivia” He turns to her, a riddled smile slices his lips. She was standing right next to me. “Richard” She releases her rich artificial smile, one that indicates irritation rather than pleasure. Olivia doesn’t like Richard, I gather but I am glad I know nothing of it. I hate drama and I run fast enough from it every single time. “Looking beautiful as always” He takes up her hand and pecks the back of her palm. “I am so sorry for your loss” His derisive undertone, very palpabl
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Alexander’s POV “Did your father not teach you not to eye another man while your husband is standing right there in front of you?” I rake, tearing at her vapid blue eyes. Her lips parted and then her eyes fell to the tight grip of my hand on her wrist. I unplug my hand instantly. She rubbed on her tender wrist, her eyes milking mine. Don’t do that Angel; that’s not going to work on me. Answer the fucking question. “Would you rather be in Simon’s bed?” I drill her further, refusing to allow her emotional tantrum work on me. “No” She trembled, a teardrop leaving her right eye. Fucking soft angel, I curse under my breath. “Don’t cry” I command. Her cheeks flush, her jaw tightens, her nostrils flare outward and it is evident that a struggle was going on in her mind. Come on Angel, say what you want to say. “Are you jealous?” She rasps. I scoff and then laugh a little. I actually find it amusing that she would think she could muster the power to make me jealous. “You flatter y
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