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For as long as I could remember, freedom was something I was always chasing, yet it kept eluding me till I realized, I was the chain that bound me. This story is about love, self discovery, growth but it's also about deceit, envy, anger, hatred, betrayal and many others. But what is life without it? We have to look into ourselves and know ourselves before we can truly love ourselves. So welcome to my story, hope you'll stick with me till the end(trust me it's the best part). Copyright@2020.

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Lizzy Ayodele
I can so relate with this book and it brings me back to my secondary school days. I need to read more books from you . Keep it up ❤️??
2020-09-03 16:55:45
17 Chapters
I'm drowningI realise I see my breath drifting like bubblesGaspingAs I'm being dragged deeperMy limbs no longer obey meI'm tiredI pray for it to endAnd as I close my eyesI'm aware of the fact that help will never comeI smile
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Chapter 3: Alone.
SS1.I couldn't sleep again last night. That made today the third day in a row.
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Chapter 5: Day has its eyes.
Jss2.Lola.As the five-hour drive came to an end and the gates of triple c high became clearer, a mix of anticipation and dread rushed over me. 
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