The Billionaire and His Love For Me

The Billionaire and His Love For Me

By:  Michishirube  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sulli Tomoya got pregnant by her billionaire 'boyfriend' that broke up and left her alone. Now, five years later, she came back, wanting nothing to that billionaire who owns the famous airline company around the world, but she learned she was married to him for five years now! She demanded divorce and was motivated to get him the taste of his own medicine. Well, that was the plan at first, but something happened and the tables have turned, when she's almost ready to surrendered herself and have a happy ending with him, the doctor diagnosed her with cancer. Between life and death, she was struck to have a choice that could make or break not only hers but also her son's heart. Will she be able to save hers and her son before it's too late?

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31 Chapters
The sound of rolling luggage, the smell of warm and fresh air, the red suit I was wearing, paired with black stilettos and sunglasses, and the sleeping baby I'm carrying.I'm here again... But this time, with my son. He's a 5-year-old boy that has white plump cheeks and a handsome face, he reminds me of winter: he's usually silent and is sleeping most of the time so taking care of him was such an easy task, especially for a single mom like me.My friends call me Sulli Tomoya and before I left this country, I pass the bar but I lost the love of my life... ~It was raining hard that night, my boyfriend and I were meeting at a fancy restaurant. I was late for a few hours because of the heavy rain and the traffic, and of course, my family wouldn't stop mingling with me because I had just passed the bar that day. We were all happy and were celebrating. I was elated when I came to the restaurant and was led by the waiter to where he was. It was also the day I'm telling him a surprise,
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"Ma, I like that toy." I faced the toy he was pointing, we were at the bus stop, and there was a nice shelter here that has a wooden bench and a bunch of advertisement posters, there were only few people here; an old couple to my right and a teen on a junior high school uniform holding a robot toy that transformed into a car. That was the toy carried Levi to the bus. That's not part of our budget, since we started living alone now, I have to pay the rent, buy groceries, and pay bills, not like when I'm just pregnant with Levi back in my sister's home in New Zealand. She has her own family now, and we can't keep on bothering them anymore. That's why I decided to return to rent an apartment. I have to stand on two feet and raised my son, and though my parents were just one domestic flight away, it would take time and a lot of confidence to meet them, because they don't know I have a son now. My sister and I were like best friends since we were kids, she went to New Zealand and met
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"I can?" "Yes, why not?" I imitated his cheery smile.I can't help but show him how much I'm happy because of what he told me. The vice president shook my hand and excuse himself. I roam my eyes on the empty classroom. I am a full-time teacher now to a high school student, I passed the interview and met all the requirements, and because an English teacher resigned from this school last week ago, they had a vacant slot; they accepted me immediately. Not to mention I have a four-year teaching experience overseas, I'd like to think I became full-time because of my experience.The vice president of this school informed me that I can still enroll my child in their kindergarten program. I didn't ask any further questions for fear that he might change his mind. It was late in the afternoon, I'd done my teaching duties and went to the faculty room, my table was in the far corner and I would pass a male teacher taking his burger in one big bite, a female that looks like a terror one and ha
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"Oh my gosh! Oh my! What did I do?!" A voice of a girl hysterically opening the driver's door couldn't help but shake frantically. "Miss, I'm sorry, does something hurt?" A calmer voice, I thought, the voice of a man approached me and apologized again. Seemed like I only heard 'sorry' this day. Was this the word of the day? I forced myself to open my eyes and a few passersby saw us, they sauntered around me, curious of what just happened, they help me stand up, blood flowing near my temples and my sight become blurry, but I saw in my peripherals that the kid's mother was apologetically thanking me as she held her daughter. "Did she die?" The car that hit me was a color red sports car, red, that's my favorite color, but the car was blocked from my view by the lady who went out of the driver's seat and scurried towards me, she was wearing a white spaghetti strap dress and has long black hair, she's beautiful. That's what I remember before my eyelid went heavy and my eyes deliberat
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I'm such a mess. Why did I forget the part that I wanted to say the most to him? My parents know I am working overseas as a lawyer they don't know Levi existed or Trevor Clark, and I broke up five years ago. Only my eldest sister in New Zealand knew what happened. Because of his wrong timing in breaking up with me, I couldn’t have the heart to spoil their happiness, so to continue my lie, I've been working day and night just to give them support and for them not to realize I'm not an attorney. In our province, it's a culture to help your parents after you graduate, to spoil them with lavish things, and return their love when they raised you. I'd like to say that we're now in the middle class, all three of their children had already graduated, and we aim to support our parents until we can't anymore, it's a debt of gratitude— the one that he doesn't understand. Not only that, I have to fake my smile and work with society— that's the hardest for an introvert like me, especially when
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~When I was dreaming of entering law school, I met Lucia. She's on her phone ranting about her roommate and wanted to kick her out. "I'll find another roommate to replace her, immediately. Someone who would get my vibes and is responsible in the house." My ears tingled, we were in a coffee shop, and I'm not eavesdropping over the woman on the other table, I just have ears, it's inevitable, and the woman was talking loudly on the phone. So when the waiter gave my frappe, I ordered a slice of an orange chiffon cake and instructed herr to give it to the woman on the phone. "Yes, you heard me right, brother! I know how expensive the rent is outside the university belt, but guess what, I don't care. Kick her out for me, I don't want to see any trace of her in my unit tonight." When the cake arrived, I made sure to sit in front of her and the waitress explained that the cake was from me. "Why did you give me a cake?" I smiled wickedly, aware that she dropped her phone on the table bu
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"Why the hell did you do that?!" I exclaimed, frantically putting down my things on the table. My frown not leaving my face, Trevor looked at me with a sullen look. "I'm sorry, it's my fault." I sat on the couch. If I knew he was just faking his reaction so I would once again have mercy and accept his sorry. My face flushed with red, and I clenched my fist. "Trevor, you idiot, I'm not married to you!" Back in the day, when we were so much in love, we fill in a marriage contract, but we never give it to a civil registrar, that's also the time I give myself to him knowing that he's sure about building a future with me. But this jerk hid so well in sheep's clothing, he left me alone after using me, now I have Levi and was stressed forever. "Sulli, I think that you forgot you have to work." In the marriage certificate that we fill in, we have two witnesses signed–Lucia and her soon-to-be husband, we have prepared all the requirements and was hidden in a brown envelope, I thought I
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~ Triton Perez, better known as Tripp was Trevor's best buddy in law school, I was oblivious that we have the same criminal law subject so when I was about to go out of the lecture room after the class, I bumped into him. "Oh, you're Sulli, right? Lucia's new roommate?" I did a once-over at him and frowned. "Do you know her?" He smiled and pulled me out softly away from the door because apparently, I'm causing a nuisance because I'm blocking it. "So you knew her." He gave me a knowing smile and extended his hand. "You can call me Tripp then, I'm her brother's best friend." My mind made a ding sound after he told me his name. How could I forget? He's the one who got almost perfect scores on every exam and answered the recitations effortlessly and with dates of the provision, who authored it, and even those who cited it. He had such a big brain, and he was taking law school like it was some sort of a road trip in the forest. "Hi, why did you call me then?" I'm not 'yet' the new r
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"Let's have coffee some time, and please moved to the apartment I reserved for you. All of my teachers are living there, I don't want someone to be left behind."... And so I needed to pack our things again and move to the high-end apartment Tripp said. "Oh, Sulli! Hi boy!" Candice welcomed us in front. It was an apartment complex, and I saw familiar faces once the taxi dropped us.Candice helped us get our bags and into my assigned apartment. We need to get on the elevator, and alike doors and bricked walls welcomed us, only the numbers on the side and the electric doorbell differs. "Your apartment is 707." Candice dropped off the bag in front of apartment 707 and said she needed to go now because her boyfriend was waiting at the mall for her. I thanked her, and she went off, Levi waved goodbye at her, and I punched the password on the door before it opened. "Wow, this is much bigger than the previous apartment, mom! I like it here!" True to Levi's words, the apartment has alread
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~"I'm going now, bye, Sulli." Lucia waved at me, and I followed her with my gaze until she closed the door. I'm finally the new roommate of Lucia! I feel so grateful, Lucia's been so kind to me, and we agreed that every other week, I needed to cook breakfast while she did the other. There's a laundry shop on the other street, but we have our laundry room if I wanted to do my laundry, and then I found a job as an assistant staff in a congress so I could at least pay for our food expenses and treat Lucia from time to time. I couldn't afford this luxurious 'apartment' even in my dream, but I suddenly got it by just having a talk with Lucia, rent-free. So I decided to water the plants on the balcony after Lucia went to school. Then I cleaned the living room and kitchen, but when I was in the middle of brushing the tiles in the bathroom, the door suddenly rang. I put down my gloves and wonder if its another delivery Lucia had that she forgot to tell me about, I was getting my wallet so
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