The Gang Leader's Betrayal

The Gang Leader's Betrayal

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Everything turn upside down when she starts living with him and the gangs. Danger lurked around the dark watching their every move and ready to strike. Gang Leaders: A person who leads a gang who deal with people either legally or illegally. Depends on what they do and how their actions affect other people around them. There are stories of love, friendship, allies, trust. Not to forget, There are also stories about war, betrayal, lies, sacrifice, blackmails, enemies and so on. What happens when all of it combines into one story? Come to this adventure of a gang leaders betrayal.

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Trinity Savannah Shaw
I love the thrill it gives.If I had enough bonus,I would read this all day.😌
2021-06-28 04:04:49
97 Chapters
A Normal Woman
Warning: Violent scenes, swearing, Continuous editing Valentina opens her eyes to see the face of the man she has loved with all of her heart for nearly three years. It was a wonder how they still managed to stay together for so long when she recalled the number of fights and arguments they’d gone through. He’s a handsome man and a rich man as a plus. There are so many women in the world he can choose and will surely make a beeline just for a day with him. And he chooses her. A normal woman or so she thought. Valentina Rodriguez. 22 years old. Valentina came from a middle-class family, and she liked to put it like that. Her father, Andrew Rodriguez, owned his own company, and her mom, Lovy Arden, owned her own company. So, they merged the company after marriage and became one of the most famous companies ever joined. She has four siblings. Mason, the eldest, Peter the second, she’s the third and Anne the youngest of them. When her mother and father said they wanted to retir
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Over-Standard Work Hours
It was 7:30 pm when Valentina reached home from work. Well, over-standard work hours.She’s driving a Mustang. She loves it. Actually, she loves every cool, fast and thrilling sports car.Kayden gave it to her as her twentieth birthday gift.After dinner, she changes her ordinary woman attire to something that looks dangerous and mysterious. Kayden never saw her dressing like this and he doesn’t know.She wears a black-fitting top, black leggings, a black leather jacket, and black boots.She likes black.For all Kayden knows, she loves the opposite.Sometimes, she feels bad about hiding this from Kayden. But, she’s scared. She’s not prepared to face the consequences.She loves him and she knows he loves her too. But, what if he got angry and left her after knowing this?Or worse, he’ll hate her for sure.Kayden usually comes back late at night if he goes to a club or party. Being a good girlfriend (or so she thought), she let him come back late at night.She’s not one to hold her boyfr
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Vale drives her Mustang to his mansion. He always gives her a mission when she comes to him or when he calls for her.She rolled her car’s window to show who she was and waited for Louis, the guard at the gate, to open the gate.She drives through when he opens the gate—searching for an empty place in the parking lot that the gang owned.After she finds a place to park her car, Vale walks out of her car, and heads to the front door.The mansion was big enough for a few of his trusted gang members to live inside it.Two guards stand in front of the mansion door. Other than the guards at the gate, some of the guards are patrolling around the mansion.Nobody can’t break loose when it comes to a muscled body that was built hard like a brick wall.The guards nodded, acknowledging her. But, Vale just ignores them and strides through the open door.Rude? Pfft.Yeah, she always ignores them (when she’s not in the mood).Not that she cares for the guards, though.Their boss blackmailed her into
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Deal Breaker
Vale walks to her car and drives, heading towards Kayden’s house. She kept thinking about what Keith-the asshole-said to her back in his office.She’s frustrated as hell, considering she can’t do anything at all. Because he’s a gang leader, and he can do anything as he pleases. What a goddamn deal breaker!“Argh!”Vale screamed as she punched the steering wheel in exasperation—sorry, baby.How did his gang members still trust him when he broke a deal?Did he always break a deal?Vale scoffed.If she wants to get killed, she can kill that son of a bitch right now!But, now, she can’t.She has to protect her family and friends. Even if that means getting her hands dirty, she’ll do anything for them.Vale comes to a halt when she sees Kayden’s car parked at the garage.Curiosity got the best of her.She decided to stop in front of the gate and walk out. Just in case something unexpected happens.It’s only 8:15 pm, and he can’t be back home so early.Vale mused over while glancing at her w
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The basement is quite the view.You may think that this is where the enemy suffers until they die.Nope.They had another base or cell to keep them.Vale wouldn't want to live and sleep here if she had to hear their voice screaming in agony when they're being tortured.She walks up to the bar table and grabs a bottle of beer. She opens it and shoves it down her throat with tears sliding down her cheek.She sat on the chair and wiped her tears and gulped down another shot down her throat.Again and again.She didn't know how many bottles she had downed on her throat as she tried to make the suffocating pain in her heart disappear.She emptied another bottle before taking another bottle of wine and tried making her way to the couch.Stumbling, she cries and sometimes laughs bitterly when she recalls the scenes.Vale shoves the drink down her throat, not caring that some of it was spilt on her face and clothes.The pain she's feeling is all Keith’s fault.If he hadn’t given the job to ano
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Vale woke up with a throbbing headache.She sat on the bed, still closing her eyes and let her hand wander to search the nightstand beside the bed for her phone.Her eyebrows furrowed when she noticed that her phone was not there like it usually does.She opened her eyes in confusion. Looking in front of her before looking around.Her eyes stopped on the mysterious figure on the couch and her jaw hit the floor hard.Keith was sleeping peacefully on the couch.A soft breeze made her shiver and realize that she was naked.What the hell?!She paced around the room, trying to be as quiet as possible while searching for her clothes.'Oh, god! Oh, god! I didn’t do it! Right?' Her mind went into a mess.Just then, she saw her clothes in a basket.She reached out for it and realised that it was drenched from the rain and she cringed at the pungent smell of alcohol.She bit her lips in frustration.She sighed and looked around the room for anything to cover herself up.She stepped inside the b
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Princess, I'm Starving
He walks towards her, grabs her arm and drags her into the kitchen.'No, no, no!''If he wants me to make breakfast for him, no, I don’t want to and will not do it!'He sat on the stool, and Vale stood beside him, facing him.“Princess, I’m starving.” he pouted and made a cute puppy face.Vale faced the ceiling, praying that she would be strong enough to look at him. One of the things that mostly hold her from winning is his puppy face. She was surprised when he did it for the first time.Right then and there, she knew, she couldn’t win against his puppy face. Vale wondered if any of the guys had seen him like this.What kind of a feared gang leader would make a puppy face?'Damn it!''How can I resist him?'Vale closed my eyes, 'Inhale, exhale.'Think about a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, flowers, her family, her Mustang.That’s it! She's going back to the living room.Vale turned around, but a pair of arms swiftly grabbed her waist. Vale gulped when she felt electric sparks fly wher
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Vale scowled at him but Keith turned his attention to his breakfast.“As always, your food is the best.” he compliments her.Vale always had her own time at the base when Kayden was out of town for work.Vale mentally laughs.Was it really because of work? The guys always cook by themselves when she isn't here. So, when she has the chance, she will cook for them.'Thank you, mom. Thank you for letting me help you cook since I was six.'Vale knew her family could hire a cook but her mother insisted that she wanted to cook.Her family nor her friends know about her blackmailed matters. Except for the friends that she met in the gang.They didn’t know where she went when it turned dark.She made an excuse and sometimes she felt remorseful for them because she was good at lying.Vale actually felt relieved when Kayden asked her to move in with him, saving her from being suspected by her family.It’s much easier to escape from suspicions if she lived with one person who was certainly not h
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Vale stormed out from Keith's room and stride towards the balcony.What do people usually expect from a hidden killer?Jump from the balcony onto the ground beneath?Yeah, call her crazy, but she never fractured her bones after a lot of training and experience.She's not jumping right away. Usually, she would back away a few meters from the rail before running towards it, putting her right foot on the holders, jumping and doing a few backflips.She looked at the grounds, searching for guards.Vale could see one at the far corner on her left, and another one is facing his back on her. Check! Security camera? One on her left, check!That was easy for her. Even if it moves around a lot, she can still escape it.Okay. So, here we go!One... Two... Jump!Thud!...and there...Vale landed on the ground smoothly.She ran towards the nearby tree, shielding herself from the guards and the security camera.She kept running and hiding until she reached the tree near her car.Thanks to Louis, he p
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Who loves flowers?Vale did. She bought a lot of it, and the robot will do the work of planting it.Cleaning the house and planting a flower. Cool, right?The flower decorations were also arranged perfectly as it made the mansion look more lively.Vale grabbed her phone and stepped out of the car. She put her finger on the fingerprints tab to open the gate, right when she entered the lawn, the gate closed on its own.She walked along the decorated pavement before climbing the short stairs leading to her mansion's entrance door.Unlike the gates, she has to use her keycard to open it. She stepped into the house and switched on the light located near the door.Vale ascended the staircase while unlocking both of her phones, the gang phone and the normal one.Reaching the top floor, she turned right and walked past nine doors before stopping in front of a big door.Vale opened the door and glanced at her phone. Wow! Forty-two missed calls! All from the guys!She opened her other phone and
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