Chapter 12



Third person's POV

(Night time)

The princess of olca kingdom stayed alone at her room playing with her fire

"fire breathes," she said with echo while slowly transforming, her hair turns into fire and her eyes glows like a blazing fire

"I have to control this"

she calms herself and closes her eyes the smoke appears and says again

"fire breathes" slowly changes after that she closes her eyes to turn it off and smokes appear again

"fire bre---"

the royal caretaker of dragons interrupted her

" I apologies your highness for interrupting you and for coming here without prior notice"

"what is it?" the princess asked bored

"Eruvia's eggs your highness it's about to hatch now," said the royal taker and bowed

"Really?! (excites) ahem... I'll go with you to check out the eggs and Eruvia's condition" the princess said and leave out to her room and headed straight away to the dragon's lair.


Princess Eruvelliel's POV

I watch the three dragon eggs, slowly crack

"Finally, they hatch now," I said cooly

(baby dragons noises)

"mother of dragons! Look eruvia! aren't your babies the cutest baby dragons in the world?"

talking to my dragon Eruvia matching with my heart-shaped eyes

(Eruvia Growls)

The blue baby dragon tries to fly headed towards at me

"(Awed) aren't you advanced baby blue? Hahaha'' I amazed by him proud grandma here hahaha, 


(day time)

" good morning father and mother" I greeted and sat down

"good morning dear" mother greeted me back

"good morning my child" my father also greeted me

"How's Eruvia Dear? I heard the eggs hatched last night" my mother asked

"Eruvia is fine now mother she's happy with her three baby dragons, one red and two blue baby dragons" I replied and take a bite of chicken's meat

"that's good to hear isn't it honey?" My Father

"yes it is honey, gladly to have a lots of baby dragons" my mom replied calmly


After breakfast, I came back here at my room and sitting comfortably here at my balcony, I'm about to lay down but I saw eclipsa's pigeon flying towards me and, I quickly get the scroll to read the message

"my dear beloved friend",

the heck this childness it makes me cringe, this disgust me eclipsa!

{chill author-nim's readers it's a joke, well this is how we work our friendship}

"let's practice again at Dark Forest and also I have something to tell you about my fucking shittiness happened to me! Again Don't you ever forget bitch Dark forest at night!"

as I finish reading the message I burned it

"hahaha! Can't wait to tease you bitch!"

"princess eruvelliel! I apologize your highness but the two of the baby blue dragons is missing" this royal caretaker always interrupts me and it annoys me (she clenched her teeth)


i shouted angrily and I glared him with my blazing fire eyes "what did you say?" I calm with my echo voice

"t-t-t-the the b-b-b-bab-by b-blue-e a-a-a-and t-t-the o-o-ot-there b-b-b-lue b-b-baby d-dra-ag-g-g-gon i-i-is m-m-mis-s-si-ing your hi-i-ighn-n-ness" he stuttered

I calm myself

"(sigh) did you find them? at the dragon's lair or the nest?" I calmly ask him while massaging my forehead

"y-yes, y-your h-hig-ghn-ness and there is no two babies blue dragon, we looked everywhere here inside and outside of the palace, there is no sign of two babies blue dragon"

Full of rage and anger I immediately run out to my chamber unto the castle to find and search for the two missing blue baby dragons.

"Just keep looking here and I'll go to the town, maybe they're there, feeling lost," I said worriedly and I hurriedly took my cape and ran.

"Tsk! Shit! This is pissing me off! Where are you two baby blue dragons?!" She cursed so worried and concerned.

If something had happened to those blue dragons I can never forgive myself. "They're just babies, how come they're gone, so far?" I wondered.

to be continue.....

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