Chapter 13



Third Person's POV

The Princess surely check herself if someone would recognize her in a black hooded cape

And leave in a knight armored suit,


Princess Eruvelliel worriedly sick for the missing baby blue dragons now she's here at their kingdom's town she brought ten knights to find easily the baby blue dragons she's about to burst her head

" Fuck this shit happened! Eruvia, find your babies for mother of dragon's sake! (Eruvia growls~) Just mind link me Eruvia, if you find them, Now Go!" the dragon eruvia fly quickly as Princess Eruvelliel said

[Now where would I find these my poor baby dragons ] the princess thought

She almost cried

"Shit," she said it out loud and the town's people looking at her weirdly

She turned around shamefully and-- "What the fu- ahem ouch?" a young man bumped the princess eruvelliel harshly and caused the princess fell at the ground she was about to curse but she just clears her throat coz the town's people looking at her again

It is obvious the princess suddenly turn into a frail lady

"oh, I'm so sorry miss, but it is your fault for not watching where you going, I'm here to wander around this beautiful town and you just destroyed the moment I take, " the young man said in arrogance "just get out of my sight you weakling lady"

"What a full of yourself"princess eruvelliel mumbled

"Hey bro look there! (points lava fountain) it's awesome. I've never seen this place before! It's amazing!" another young man runs towards his brother "wait who's this?"

"Nobody just a weakling here" replied to his younger brother

The princess feels irritated as soon as she hears the weakling word and this time she explodes like a volcano BOOM

"FUCK THIS DISGUISE! AND WHO CARES THESE FUCKING PEOPLE STARES?!" the Princess shouted angrily, she took her sword to tear her hooded cape "AND YOU!!!" she points the young man by her sword and say "ANOTHER FUCKING WEAKLING WORD FROM YOUR SHITTY MOUTH, I SWEAR TO MOTHER OF FUCKING DRAGONS I'LL BURN YOU TO DEATH!!!" she furiously shouted

The town's people are shock

"it's the Princess!"

"it's Princess Eruvelliel!"

The town's people bowed as a show of respect of the royal

[So she's the only princess of the Ölca Kingdom] the young man heard the town's people talking

He look at the Princess's face and he didn't notice he was mesmerizing the beauty of the Princess and he became into a chivalrous person, he introduced himself and apologized

" I apologize of my behavior your highness, I'm Prince Dagorlad of Quilde Kingdom" he bowed and grabs the princess' hands and kissed the back of the palm in a gentle touch

"you're such an ASSHOLE!" the princess pull back her hands and

"Pfft! (giggles) ahem we apologize, your highness, we're from the kingdom of Quilde, I'm prince calben the third prince and his my brother the second prince, we were just wandering around here and it is our first so we " the younger brother explained and holds his laugh

Prince Dagorlad chivalric ended as he heard the word ASSHOLE "ME? ASSHOLE?!" Prince Dagorlad retorted "YOU BITCH! "

"Woah.. What just happened here? brother?" Another Man interfered and faced the lady"oh hi pretty lady" with his charming smile

"tsk! (eye rolls) Bunch of assholes " she mumbled and leave the Princes in shock

The princess climbed in her horse and about to leave the town but she heard something


" Jojo shhh " the prince dagorlad hushed something

Princess Eruvelliel quickly turned and looking for the sound where it came from

She looked at the three idiot princes smiling like a fool

She thought it was just her imagination so she rode her horse hurriedly.

to be continue....

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