They lay there for another ten minutes until Myra called through to let them know Mister Yousef had returned with Brian Kane in tow, along with a yawning Captain Wales. Mark and Jasmine quickly dried and dressed, then went out to meet them in the lounge of Mark's suite, with the doors securely closed. To their surprise, Brian greeted them with warm handshakes, admitting a moment later that he suspected for a long time that there was something off about Henry, and that when Mister Yousef told him what had happened, he wasn't really that surprised.

Mister Yousef then briefed them on Brian's suggestion on how to deal with the situation. It seemed very simple, so much so that Mark kept looking for holes in it.

Over the next couple of hours, Henry's body was to be wrapped in the bloodstained rugs, taped up and secured in trash bags and brought to the top of the hidden staircase. At seven o'clock in the morning, Brian and his team would gat
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