The Lycan King: Alpha of All Alphas ( The Hybrid Series)

The Lycan King: Alpha of All Alphas ( The Hybrid Series)

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Aidan Stone is considered the most powerful lycan in existance who rules the kingdom with an iron fist, but he loves his family and close friends. He acended the throne at age 119 after his father was killed in battle when the one who called himsrlf the Rogue King and othe Alphas rebelled. What happens when tbe ones you love and trust betray you and you awake a thousand years later to a world long gone and loaded with secrets?

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75 Chapters
(Sexual Content) Aidan The war was a devastating blow to the Blood Moon Royal Pack, many men lost their lives, including my father the Alpha King Ivar Stone, and his Royal Beta Davos, Gamma Rickon, and Delta Thorin. The elders were in turmoil and the pack mourned their loved ones. I was crowned a few weeks after the royal funeral as we needed time to mourn and bury the dead. After the kingdom started to rebuild what was lost, the Alphas who betrayed the kingdom were executed for treason along with the Rogue King. The Rogue King was a thorn in my father's side for a long time and I was sure not to repeat my father's mistake of leaving him alive. My mother Gwen, the Luna Queen, died a few days after my father due to a broken heart, leaving me, Aidan Stone, the new Alpha King, to take over. Our kingdom was severely broken, and it is going to take time to try and heal the pack, but it is a task I must undertake. ***** It was raining outside as I sat in my chambers wondering how I would
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Chapter 1: The Ball Part 1
Two Years Later Aidan Everything has been going well these past two years and the pack is flourishing again, I have decided to hold a ball celebrating my 121st birthday, and all the ladies in the land are invited because I’m also trying to find my mate in the process. Drax found his mate about 6 months ago and their wedding was last month. We had a huge wedding for them as we celebrated certain milestones in the kingdom, he was the first to be mated out of all four of us and gave us our gamma female. He had just made it back from his 2-week-long honeymoon at the cabin, and hopefully, we would have pups running around in the kingdom soon as he wanted kids, it was all he talked about and I knew he would make a good father and mate. His mate, Lora, turns out to be a very good thing for him, keeping him grounded and on his toes, she challenges him and pushes him to be a better version of himself. Lora is about 5’2 but fierce at protecting her family, her parents love Drax and she hopes
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Chapter 2: The Ball Part 2
Drax It’s the morning of the ball and the Alpha King’s birthday, and the omegas are busy with decorations and getting food prepared for the guests. All the unmated males are also excited to see if they find their true mates or chosen mates. All the ladies of the land are willing to look their best in their new gowns, willing to impress the king and his subjects. The Elders are making themselves heard and making sure everything runs smoothly, the guards are making sure the surroundings are safe and ready for anything. As time rolled by it was time to start accepting the maidens of the land opening up the grounds for the guests. The music started to play and the guests were arriving quickly as the castle was filled with wolves and lycans alike, many in hopes of finding their mates or choosing a mate. King Aidan was preparing for the ball as well as the other royal subjects who would be attending the ball. Roman knew for a fact he would be choosing a mate tonight the one he was waiting f
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Chapter 3: Mates
Lily The horn signaled for everyone to take their place as the King made his way to the celebration. They were jesters and dancers that were performing for the crowd that stopped immediately. Danielle was just as excited as I to actually see the king in all his glory, as no one had really met the new king since the war. The chandeliers lit the ballroom and, as the sun set off the balcony with the orange and purple settings. The wood musk scent hit my nose and Adina stood up and said, "Mate is here," I told her we would look for him after the king’s introduction. She was just dancing in my head saying to go find our mate and I blocked her out. Amon, one of the elders, announces the royal beta, gamma, and delta to join them on the stage before announcing the king. The double doors to the ballroom opened and the crowd separated on both sides, allowing the king to freely pass and the scent of my mate grew stronger. The um-mated she-wolves stood up and push up their chest, curtsying as th
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Chapter 4: Amon
Night of the Ball I was on stage and gave a slight speech to our guests and why they were here besides celebrating the King's birthday. I called the Royal Beta, Gamma, and Delta to join the stage as they would be there to offer their speeches to their friend and King. The music stopped playing and the Royal Guards announced the entry of our King, the room felt his aura as we all bowed as the women curtsied. After a while we realized Aidan had found his mate and went over to her, the people in the room saw and heard that Lady Bramble was his mate and future Queen, I walked over to congratulate him and then I saw her the most beautiful female in my existence the one I will mate when the time is right. ***** Present Day I’ve been riding outside the castle to our secret meeting place as we need to move fast, the King has found his mate and we need to get things in place if this coup is to work without many casualties. It is particularly cold outside today, the leaves are falling now, a
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Chapter 5: Lovers
(Sexual Content)Aidan Since the night of my birthday when I met my mate, we have been spending time together growing our bond. I have met her parents and her brother, who is one of my three head warriors. Her mother, Jocelyn, is a very short lady around 5 ft, but Lily is the spitting image of her except for her hair color. She is a brunette and her father, Bane, works alongside the elite palace guards and is primarily one of my beta’s guards. Everyone in my kingdom works and is paid, I tend not to keep slaves, I usually demote them to omegas who do most millennial jobs around the castle or the pack. Her father is around 6’2, and her brother Tobias looks like a younger version of his dad but has his mother’s eyes. He is around his dad’s height and has tattoos on his back and chest, Lily has started to feel more comfortable around the castle and has befriended her gamma female Lora. They have started to get acquainted and help make decisions and plan for her coronation, Luna's ceremon
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Chapter 6: Roman
For the past two weeks, everything has been going according to plan, Addy had gotten Aidan’s blood when he helped with the rogue problem. He was accidentally cut by Addy, visiting warriors in the palace infirmary, more and more rogues were crossing the pack borders and Aidan ordered his warriors to kill the rogues once any information was recovered, once captured alive, because of the threat to his future queen. Security was on high alert and one more guard was assigned to Lily by Gamma Drax, Lily’s parents were given a room in the palace for their safety. Aidan was leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this problem, trying to find who the rogues were working for, if only he knew I was behind the attacks weakening his borders and replacing his men with mine, some guards were so easy to manipulate and other did under duress to save their family.They were under spells that would never allow them to betray me and speak of our plan it would kill them if they tried to talk. Aid
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Chapter 7: The Betrayal Part 1
(Sexual Content)Two Days Before the Coronation Aidan "Good Morning, Your Majesty," the omega said to me as I made my way to my conference room to have a meeting about my upcoming wedding to the Luna Queen, my beautiful mate whom I found a few weeks back at my birthday ball. I nodded in acknowledgment and mind-linked my Beta Roman and best friend. "Roman, where are you? I’m on my way to the meeting," "I’m on my way," I relax, rolling my eyes. "You know I don’t like tardiness when it comes to important matters." "Aiden, I’m here," and he smiled at me since he was now approaching the room, bowing his head in respect. The conference room was full of all who were supposed to be at the meeting. While the meeting was going on, I was thinking about Lily and I tapped into my sight to see what she was doing, she was with all her maids looking at dresses and she was happy. This is one of my powers I recently realized I had developed but it only seems to work with Lily and my current family. I
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Chapter 8: The Betrayal Part 2
24 Hours to Coronation Everyone was preparing for the coronation and tensions were high as it was a very important event, omegas were getting the large room ready for the King and Queen, while the balcony that would be overlooking the massive crowd in attendance to see the public marking of the King and Queen was being prepared. There were flowers all over the Palace and you could feel the excitement around the townspeople in the Kingdom. All the alphas across the land were starting to arrive at the palace, some happy and others not and it showed. The kings from other kingdoms sent gifts to show their support as they were not in attendance it was a private affair for only the Lycans and wolves, some Shifters were allowed to attend and proxies from the Vampire Kingdom will be in attendance for the ceremony. However, the King was determined to have his queen by his side with no interruptions, and security around the borders and inside the palace was on high alert. He sends a special mes
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Chapter 9: The Betrayal Part 3
Two Hours Before the Coronation Addy I was in my wolf form racing back to the castle after doing the ritual, I knew this would work and I would save their lives if not their home. I arrived and was in time to go and change into the dress I was to attend the Coronation in, as Erik made sure that I was to wear it. He wanted everyone to know that I was his and show my neck displaying his mark. My parents are safe in the castle as he promised, they don’t know about the dangers ahead and the deal that I had made, I gave them the wristbands and told them to keep them on at all costs. I walked into the room as the elders were in their place and Erik smiled at me and I smiled back, he linked me, "You look beautiful my love," and I bowed and linked back, "Thank you, the dress is lovely." My dress was off-shoulder, a slender wine-red dress with a trail on the ground looking like royalty. We did a martial ceremony with the elders and Aiden’s blessing before the Coronation, I am officially Erik’
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