The Lycan's Abused Fated Mate

The Lycan's Abused Fated Mate

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He was cheated. She was banished. He was injured by the adulterous couple, while her pack was stolen from her own hands. Now… these lonely, wounded, and vengeance-craving individuals come across each other. What happens to them? —----- Dane Maximus, Alpha of the Black Moon Pack, who is rich and powerful, holds secret powers that could destroy the world. When he caught his wife cheating on him with the rogue leader, his heart tore into millions. His wife rejects their mate bond, while the rogue leader leaves him injured. He was broken, helpless, and dispaired. At this point, the Moon Goddess sent him a blessing in the form of his fated mate, Gianna Lawson. She was a rogue and a former Alpha of the Nightshade Pack. She wants to get revenge and her pack from the Alpha, who stole her pack and banished her. When they met, the world screamed for vengeance! Love…? What about it? Will they be able to come out of the circle of vengeance and give a chance to their bond? Or will they join hands to achieve their goals? Or will they choose their pack and responsibilities? ************* SHREE ABOVE STORY

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Tannu Editor
I literally love to see how the villainess is crying over her bad luck
2024-06-15 11:31:44
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Good story
2024-05-11 10:16:46
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Tannu Editor
The Chapters are great
2024-04-27 14:50:27
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shree above story
chapter updated
2024-04-25 23:47:18
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Christine Owings
42 chapters 4/24/24
2024-04-25 02:44:22
128 Chapters
Chapter 1: Sweet Betrayal
“Move your ass Howard” My voice boom throughout the training field to one of my warrior who slack behind. He easily gives up and fell hard on his bum.“You’re holding everyone back, move Howard” I yell. Howard shrug his shoulder before getting up to his feet and push his legs to move. I see potential in this kid but he doesn’t seem to know it. Everyone keeps on running without turning back to him. No one dare to mock him. Yes, I make sure not to let anyone discourage another pack member. “How’s it going?” I look back to find a shirtless Miles with his arms cross in front of his chest. “As you can see, it’s fuck fun-tastic” I snorted sarcastically. He shook his head and made his way to stand beside me. “Is it the Howard kid again” he said and I nod my head in return. “How did it go with the warriors?” I ask and Miles scrunch up his face. “Like you said, it’s damn fun.” We both laugh and suddenly I feel this slight tug on my chest. It’s like my wolf is on edge over something and
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Chapter 2: Tripping, Stripping
Rogues…all I am seeing are their red eyes.Hungry for my blood to be spilt in this forsaken territory.My eyes darted around me in fear. Seeing all the shifted wolves eyeing me hungrily. They stood so tall with their grey and black furs challenging me to do it or I will face the consequences. Their eyes darken with no humanity shown in it. Three of them hung out their tongues and the other four have that sinister expression. I am lost and I definitely knew one day I will face some idiot’s rogues. Avoiding trouble was long overdue and here I am facing them. Today was not a lucky day for me. The long bath I enjoyed a while ago was disturbed. I guess peace was never in my dictionary in this foreign land that had become my home a month ago. Leaving my pack was not an option. I was banished from the pack that I grew up in. I wanted to tell of my past and the heartbreak I went through but I guess that’s another story for next time. My concern and focus now are the rogues before me.
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Chapter 3: Did you?
Beta MilesMy jaw drop for a second to her reply before it replace again with my anger. How this imbecile rogue can hurt my Alpha. I huff and raised my head high to challenge her. “How can a low life rogue thinks she could get away from this?” I thought as I narrow my eyes at her.I see fear in her eyes which made my wolf and I smile. She should fear us? After all were the Blood Pack.FlashbackIt wasn’t long after I dismissed everyone from the training that I felt the pain. When our Alpha left I add another thirty five minutes of training before dismissing everyone. The pain I felt was too much to handle and I look around to find our pack members screaming in pain. “Something’s happening to our Alpha” my wolf Harold says as he howl in pain too. I agree with him because I know our bond with our Alpha is strong and only he can cause this pain. I wanted to run and look for him but the pain was numbing my movements. When the pain is gone I quickly get up on my feet. “Marc protec
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Chapter 4: Love to kill
Dane’s PovThe hardest thing to do was move on from love. The love that betrays my heart and kills my soul without mercy. Never in my life did I expect this kind of betrayal to happen. I always envy those who were victims of a love affair but never thought it could happen to me. “Moon goddess! Why me?” My mind run with thoughts as Miles, the rogue and I make our way back home. I know I can’t automatically switch my feelings and move on easily. I mean I am going through the hardest time in my life. However, I can’t help but keep asking myself what I failed to give to her. Did I ever make her never feel lonely because as long as I can remember I never made her feel insecure and unloved? I gave her my everything, even the title that she desires the most. ‘Luna.’ Look at how we turn out. After so many years of loving her, she ended up tossing me in the land of rogues like trash. Like I don’t deserve an explanation and a goodbye note. At least give me something I deserve. Not a fuck
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Chapter 5: DramaGianna’s Pov‘SLAP’I feel a sting on my right cheek. The female’s eyes burn with rage as she accusingly pointed her finger. “How dare you seduce him” she spats at me. “You filthy, worthless rogue” she raises her hand and slap me on the cheek once again. “Shame on you” she yell at me. It was after when the Alpha left that this flee walk down to the dungeon and demand the guards to open my cell’s door. She threatened them and when the guards finally granted her wish, she enter my cell like a goddess with a missing tooth. Yes, I won’t describe her nicely because she treated me like shit the moment she came inside the cell door even though she’s pretty. What a waste of beauty? I thought and look back at her stormy eyes. She raises her hand again to go for the third round, however I stop her right there. I may granted her the privilege to hit me before but enough is enough. There is a limit to everyone’s kindness and quietness. I am not a mat to be walked on or a
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Chapter 6: Day by dayDane’s PovA week has passed and I am still living like a shallow in my penthouse. I wanted to take a break from the pack work and needed space to think while Miles cleared out all of Melissa’s staff. I only told him half of the truth but not the disgusting details. I didn’t want Miles to have a bad impression on mates. Maybe his mate is a better version of the slutty Melissa. So staying at my penthouse, I thought, will give me peace and time to move on. However, my mistake was taking someone else to live there with me. I swear I only let her live here to repay me for saving me but she’s a hard one to deal with. The space I needed was never given as a certain someone makes my time worse. The little rogue always fought with me and not a day goes by that we don’t argue. We always argue over small stupid things and when I thought on a day that everything will be fine, that woman will likely ruin it for me. Earlier today I went to the pack house to finalize the
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Chapter 7: Killing HerDane’s Pov“You know, I always hate your touches, Dane. It was disgusting and I have to fake loving you,” she spat at me. “I didn’t want to hear these same words from her again. I already had enough of her tortuous and painful words. I don’t want to get hurt but everything was too late. I am already in pain, all thanks to the woman who I once thought was my world. “I hate your presence; therefore, I cannot live on if you’re still around,” she harshly told me. “No,” I gasped as she stood there with the rogue. There is a smug look on her face. She looks at me with no mercy. The rogue kissed her before letting her go and she started walking towards me with a silver blade in her hand. Slowly she walks as I watch her in horror. I try to think of ways to escape, unfortunately my mind has completely shut down. I can’t even think or look away from the crime that is about to be committed again. ‘Am I going to die again,’ I thought to myself. I hear something shaking me a
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Chapter 8: Little RogueDane’s PovI arrived at the pack healer’s place in time. “Rosa,” I shouted for her but Susan was the one who came rushing to the house foyer. She’s the assistant to the healer. “Where is Rosa?” I ask in haste. “Alpha, she went to the mountains to see her sister Aurelia,” replied Susan. “Call Rosa, that the Alpha needs her now,” I shouted to Susan which made the poor woman scared to death. Susan rushes to the phone and in a second, she rushes back to where I stood. “Alpha, please let us handle this” Diana says. “Please leave her on the bed and attend her as we wait for Rosa” she added. I nod my head and follow Susan to a room. I lay her on the bed carefully. “Do you think she will be okay?’ I ask no one specifically. It’s more like I am questioning my own self. “She will be Alpha. Trust me” says Susan which pulls me out of my thoughts. Susan gave me a weak smile. She averts her gaze back to the unmoving girl. My little rogue. Then she quickly takes a seat next t
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Chapter 9: Unstable I stayed with her after that day. My wolf keeps howling and sometimes I almost lash out on Rosa. Poor woman, she is scared by my threat sometimes. However, Miles always tries to calm me down and correct me on my mistakes. I should be patient and all that matters is that she is alive. I regret hurting and I cuss at myself for being reckless. Now it has been four days, almost a week and I still haven’t seen her pretty blue eyes once again. I want to see it again and I vow to myself that I will never let her go. I didn’t even want to leave her behind but there was an important meeting today among our alliances. So, I have to attend it and leave her in the care of Rosa and Susan. I suddenly start missing her and I feel so restless each passing day without her by my side. My apartment wasn’t the same. It didn’t feel the same without her. I sigh slumping down on my chair after the meeting and take my phone in my hands. I dial Rosa’s number and after the first ring she an
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Chapter 10: HerThird Pov.At another Pack’s territory in the office stood a young and handsome Alpha. After his virtual meeting with his alliances he quickly calls for his trackers and warriors. It had been months since the banishment of the girl he once loved and still obsessed with. He has been searching for and he hopes that his men will bring good news to him today. He may have made some wrong choices and even though she wasn’t his but he still longs for her and wants her to be his forever. He stood there thinking of her and once he heard the door to the office open he asked without hesitation. “Did you find her?” There was a complete silence and he didn’t hear his warrior’s response. “Did you find her?” he growled at his warrior. His aura and demands send the warriors on their knees before him. They all bow to him and clearly, they fear their leader. “We are sorry but we could not find her Alpha '' one of them replied in a shaky voice. “What do you mean you can’t?” the Alpha ask
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