The Mafia's Bride Trapped In His Love

The Mafia's Bride Trapped In His Love

By:  Faye  Completed
Language: English
2 ratings
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Dulce Arana
Love it, i recommended
2021-05-10 01:49:36
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Lilian Mizsei
Great book
2021-03-17 00:13:58
39 Chapters
Chapter 1: Yes, I do!
 Elsie POV I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The silk Cady fabric clutched my figure perfectly while the 3D beaded floral that sewed on the top of the white gown made it a bit revealing, giving the effect of see-through on my skin. I
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Chapter 2: Officially married
Elsie POV I paced back and forth in the room nervously while waiting for him. I bit my finger as the nervousness made me lost control. What will be his reaction if I tell him the bad news? “You smell so nice,” I stood still as I felt his arms around my waist. He pulled me from behind till my body pressed onto him. I felt every curve of his body while closing my eyes inhaling his scent at the same time. He started to show me his love with his butterflies’ kisses from my shoulder till my face. I didn’t deny that I enjoyed the way he poured out his feeling, but my mind suddenly reminded me that I need to stop him before it goes too far. “Dexter, stop,” I called out remembering the thing that I need to t
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Chapter 3: Honeymoon
Dexter POV “For how long we will be here, Dexter?” She walked around the hotel room and the look on her face expressed her satisfaction. “Depends how long you want to stay,” I walked towards her that stood on the balcony. I wrapped my arms at her waist, embracing her from behind. I buried my face on the crook of her head, inhaling her scent. “We can’t stay for a long time. I’m worried about Andrea.” “Damn, I forget that she is not here with us. We should bring her along. I don’t understand why she refuses to come along. She is so stubborn.” “Yeah, stubborn like her
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Chapter 4: The joyful moment
Elsie POV The hotel that we chose was situated in the center of the city and it was convenient since everything was within walking distance. We walked around the places nearby the hotel while looking for a dinner place. We seldom spend our time outside without any bodyguards but this time I finally convinced him that we don't need anyone to be part of our honeymoon. It took a lot of effort to convince him, but it was worth it in the end. I glanced at the surroundings and studied the feature of the dining place that we decided to dine in. It was a relaxing place full of a bunch of people having fun with chill music in the background.  I took a bite of the grilled chicken that was served on the table while my mind was busy planning about tomorrow. "Dexter, let's go to the beach tomorrow." "Bikini?" "Dexter, I wonder if you have anything normal in your head?" I
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