Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I handed Katrina the ritual knife. “Thank you.” She said. But something about the sadness in her voice had me worried about her. “Are you sure you will be ok?” I asked her. She looked at me with a confused look on her face. “Why wouldn’t I be?” She mumbled under her breath.

“You realize that I can pickup on the slightest behavior change right? You know, Reaver powers and all... “ I said with a grin. She smiled at my dorky comment. It wasn’t Reaver powers though, it was literally her voice that gave it away. We may have solved one situation, but I knew her situation with The Ancestors was really getting to her.

I had hoped she wasn’t regretting her decision to save me. A Witch's power mainly stems from the Ancestors… Without access to their magic you were just a person with an herb and crystal collection. Katrina was born a Witch, she’s always had access to them... Until now.

“I will be fine, I just need some time to figure out my life.” She said, and she kissed me gently o
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