Chapter 12

Xavia stared at the money scattered all over the ground.

She was very confused.

She would never have dreamt that Gerald’s garbage bag actually contained a pile of money!

“What? This money…”

Xavia did not know what to think. “Gerald, where did you get this money?”

Gerald ignored Xavia.

Instead, he squatted down before he picked up the one hundred thousand dollars from the ground.

“Why do you care? Didn’t you say that I’m not worthy of someone like you because I’m just a poor man?”

After that, Gerald turned around to leave.

Xavia was getting impatient at this time.

If Gerald was really poor and if he had really bought the bag with that one-time shopper’s card, Xavia would not feel that it was a pity for them to break up.

She would never regret her actions!

However, now Gerald actually had one hundred thousand dollars in cash…

“Gerald, stop! You’d better explain this matter to me. Otherwise, I’ll scream!” Xavia yelled as she jumped anxiously.

She had to figure out the truth.

She didn’t know why she was especially afraid that Gerald had really become a rich man overnight.



Gerald smiled bitterly before he said, “Xavia, you can just do whatever you want to.”

“Ahh! Help! Help me! Someone is trying to rape me!” Xavia screamed as loud as she could.

Even though it was already late at night, there were still many campus couples who were out together.

As soon as they heard Xavia screaming, they looked towards the lake immediately.

“Damn it!”

Gerald would never have imagined that Xavia would actually scream for help and say that he was trying to rape her!

“Xavia, what are you trying to do? Okay, you win and I lose.” Gerald hurried back to Xavia before urging her to shut up.

“Gerald, I just want you to tell me why you have one hundred thousand dollars in cash! Tell me the truth now!” Xavia said as she frowned.

Gerald had already lost all hope in this woman.

He didn’t want to have anything else to do with her.

Therefore, he decided to continue with his lie just so she would give up on him completely.

“Oh, I have to return this one hundred thousand dollars to someone. Didn’t I tell you about the young girl that I saved a few days ago? Besides giving me the shopper’s card, they also decided to give me a ten thousand dollar cash reward. However, they gave me too much and they gave me one hundred thousand dollars instead. That is the reason why I am going to return the ninety thousand dollars to them!” Gerald said in a sincere manner.

Xavia finally understood the whole situation.

First of all, she knew that Gerald was not a good liar.

Secondly, if Gerald really did become rich overnight, why would he still be dressed so casually?

He did not look like a rich man at all.

After listening to Gerald’s explanation, everything finally fell into place.

Everything finally seemed very logical now.

“I understand now. In other words, aside from the ten thousand dollars in cash, you have nothing left!”

Xavia took a deep breath and she felt as though she could finally let go of Gerald with no regrets at all.

“If you’re satisfied, I’d like to leave now.”

After that, Gerald walked away with the one hundred thousand dollars in hand.

“A poor man will always be a poor man! It’d be better for me to go back to my Yuri!”

Xavia also left in a hurry after staring at Gerald’s back contemptuously.

Gerald couldn’t help but feel very distressed after depositing his money into the ATM machine.

Xavia had changed completely and he could not recognize her at all.

Xavia, Xavia.

If she could just forget about that Hermes bag and if she really did not care whether he had any money, he wouldn’t have minded getting back together with her.

After all, Gerald did not only have ten thousand dollars. He had countless ten thousand dollars belonging to him!


Gerald sighed as he started walking back to his dormitory.

At this time, his cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a phone call from Naomi.

“Gerald, do you want to have some cake? If you’d like to, drop by the girls’ dormitory! I’ll bring you some!”

Naomi had always been very concerned and thoughtful towards Gerald.

In fact, both of them got along very well and Naomi had always felt very happy and relaxed whenever she was with Gerald.

She could also have sincere conversations with Gerald.

Unlike all the other boys, Gerald did not have any bad intentions and he was really her friend because he wanted to be her friend. He was not thinking of getting into bed with her at all!


“Cake? It’s okay, I don’t feel like eating anymore…”

Gerald laughed. He really cherished his friendship with his only female friend, Naomi.

“Okay then. Gerald, no matter what happened tonight, just remember that you’ll always be my good friend! I really like the bag that you bought me!”

The both of them continued talking for a short while before Naomi finally hung up the phone.

At this time, many of her friends were waiting in her dormitory.

“Naomi, why are you so nice towards someone like him?”

“Alice, I know that you look down on Gerald, but you have to believe me! He isn’t the kind of person you think he is! He’s a very genuine and nice person if you’d just try to get to know him better.”

Alice was also at Naomi’s room at this time.

In fact, the person who felt most distressed tonight was Alice.

She was planning to meet a nice guy that she could consider dating tonight but the first person she had encountered was Gerald. After that, she ended up having good feelings for Nigel, who lost everything overnight.

Alice felt really upset when she thought about how embarrassing it was when they were waiting outside Wayfair Mountain Entertainment but they could not get in.

It was such an unpleasant experience!

Alice felt that her bad luck had begun as soon as she met Gerald!

That was also the reason why she hated and despised Gerald.

“I can’t believe that he even gave you a fake Hermes bag! I wouldn’t have found that Gerald so disgusting if not for this bag!”

Alice felt very annoyed when she saw Naomi treating the bag that Gerald had given her like some sort of treasure.

She grabbed the bag from Naomi before throwing it into the trash can.

Naomi quickly walked over to the trash can to pick it up.

“Happy birthday, Naomi!”

Before she could do so, some of her good friends from the dormitory next door came over to her room with a big cake with them.

“Ah!! You girls are here!”

Naomi hurried over to the door to greet her friends.

After that, Felicity and Xavia walked into Naomi’s room.

Even though Naomi did not talk to Xavia much anymore because of Gerald, she still greeted her with a smile on her face.

“Wow! Naomi, you must have received a lot of fantastic gifts! How could you actually throw such a beautiful bag into the trash can? Oh my god. It’s even a Hermes bag!” Felicity said jokingly when she saw the Hermes bag in the trash can.

Felicity Nelson was definitely a goddess because she was so beautiful. Both Felicity and Alice could be considered the two most beautiful girls in the entire dormitory.

When Alice looked at Felicity, who was equally as beautiful and elegant as herself, Alice could not help but feel a little competitive.

“Hmm! So, what if it’s Hermes? It is just a fake Hermes bag bought by a very poor man!” Alice said as she frowned.

At this time, Xavia was standing next to Felicity and the expression on her face changed as soon as she saw the Hermes bag that they were talking about.

She naturally recognized that this was the Hermes bag that Gerald had bought for fifty-five thousand dollars that morning!

She felt very uncomfortable after seeing the bag.

“A fake?”

Felicity picked the bag up from the trash can before she looked at it carefully.

After a short while, Felicity’s eyes widened in surprise as she kept turning the bag around in her hand.

“This…I don’t think that this is a fake Hermes. I think that this is a genuine product!”

“Genuine?” The group of girls in the dormitory were all surprised. “How could that be possible? Gerald is so poor. How could he possibly afford to buy Naomi a genuine Hermes bag?”

“This bag is a limited edition collector’s item and it is selling for more than fifty thousand dollars!” Alice said contemptuously.

Alice did not know why she could feel her heart beating frantically when Felicity said that the Hermes bag was actually a genuine product!

“No, I’m certain that this is a genuine product. I’ve touched the genuine Hermes bag in their boutique store and it feels exactly the same. It’s completely impossible for a fake Hermes bag to have the same texture as the original. I have the phone number of the manager working at the Hermes boutique store directly opposite our university and I can call her to ask if someone has purchased this collector’s item from their boutique store. We’ll know the truth then!”

Felicity held the Hermes bag in her hand as if it was a very precious item.

Her remark made all the girls gasp immediately.

At this time, Felicity took out her cell phone as she prepared to call the manager of the Hermes boutique store.

“You don’t need to make the call…” At this time, Xavia suddenly spoke up. In fact, if Felicity wasn’t about to make the phone call, she wouldn’t want to tell the truth because Gerald had actually bought this expensive bag worth fifty-five thousand dollars for someone else.

However, since Felicity was going to make the phone call, she decided that she might as well tell them the truth directly.

“This Hermes bag is indeed a genuine product. When Gerald bought the bag this morning, Yuri and I…we were also at the Hermes boutique store. He paid fifty-five thousand dollars for that bag!”



Everyone in the dormitory froze in place.
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