~ Ellie ~

We were dead silent as Aria, and I looked at him intensely. "What do you mean you were there?? What happened?" I asked.

"Do not get the wrong idea. I was with him before the event and figured he would do something like this.

My mind was blown at the moment. When the crosswalk turned green, we lost him in the crowd. Concerned, we only let each other go once we entered the building. Aria's jaw dropped as she looked around. "This place is absolutely beautiful!! Isn't that a new character for the upcoming horror game!!" she said, pointing to a poster on a wall. I smiled as I wiped my ID to get us inside. All you can see is Aria taking pictures. "What do you do here?" she asked.

She will find out sooner. The elevator doors opened to reveal a busy floor. The secretary greeted us and gave Aria a visitor pass. She mentioned that Kaylee would return with a task, so we must wait. "THE Kaylee Waston!?!?! One of the most famous businesswomen in the world!! Not only that, she is one of t
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