“You know my brother had nothing to do with this. You leave him out of it.”

She snickered at my statement and leaned back.”You are the one that said to run a background check on my workers— he is one of them. Isn’t it weird that Evan is the only person to see this guy and can't describe him? Your brother was present when the event happened; isn't that suspicious."

I didn’t want to believe her, but she made valid points. "What about Ryan? I heard he saw the person too. Wasn't he here as well?" I asked my boss as I was looking at her up and down. Kaylee explains that Ryan only peeks at the person where Evan started. She also said that Ryan was with her during the time so that she could rule the intern out of the lineup. Slowly heading back to my desk, I thought hard.

I know my brother is not a suspect; however, someone is, and they are roaming in this building. Out of curiosity, doesn’t everyone know each other on the floor or recognize each other at least? It is strange how Jennie was
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