It was pitch black. All you could hear was water drops from the ceiling and the shuffling of feet. I flickered my eyes open to find my vision blurry as I wiggled around, a burning sensation developed on my wrist. Rope, I was restricted from my movements. The ropes held me down to a wooden chair. I began to squirm to loosen them, but no use. My focus shifted upwards to see Brad and his companion.

“Whe-where am I?”

“Great move that you pulled. But it didn’t get you anywhere but in this chair.” Brad stated. My vision cleared up to see them two smiling. My facial expression froze as Minho walked towards me and bent down to my level.

“Nice to meet you again. Sorry about the arm.”

My eyes gazed into his soul, my face boiled with anger, and my breathing went silent. I made Minho jump a bit when I scooted forward, coward.

“We knew you were here; it was only a matter of time. For a second, I didn’t think I would get you. It seems like luck was on my side.”

“What are you going to do to me? Wher
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