The mattress was cold, and the sheets were wet. I still couldn’t believe I was in his gasp after all I did to prevent it. Silence roamed the room until chains filled it. “Ellie.” a soft voice next to me called out.

I only knew who spoke once they repeated something. “Jennie? Is that you??”

“Oh, Ells. It’s good to hear from you again.” She excitedly said. You could tell she was in pain and could feel the tears running down her cheeks. Was everything okay? She wasn’t hurt too much, was she?? Another voice chimed in; however, they were making sounds. Bailey. Another voice joined, and my heart dropped to the ground.

“Eunha!” I shouted. When did she go missing? She wasn’t here for too long, like a day before I arrived. Panic mode set in when I asked about my best friend. Nobody knew anything except she was taken. Disappointed, I crawled back from the cell door. I brought my knees up to my body and placed my head in between. A sharp pain stabbed me out of nowhere. What the hell did he do??
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