~ Kevin ~

~ The Night Before Ellie’s Captured ~

As I was getting my shoes on, my coworker walked in. “Are you sure that you should be working? You need to rest after what happened. That wound is not going to heal overnight.” He said.

“I will be fine.”

“Go home and comfort your girl. Ellie needs you right now.” He gave me a look I couldn’t refuse. I sighed and told him okay. A loud noise scared us as my partner came in like a cheetah explaining he found the first victim’s identity. In disbelief, I followed him to a picture of a nurse. Ellie??

“Doesn’t she look like the first victim?” He said, out of breath. I studied the picture closely until it finally came to me. Without a doubt, that is the first victim. I asked if anyone knew her personally and if we could get an interview with them.

My coworkers went to find a staff member or a nurse who was close to her. As I waited for their arrival, I stared at the photo again. What a coincidence that they look alike. The nurse popped out of no
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